Friday, 24 December 2010

Family Fortunes 2: Gold Edition ( By GLU 2010)

Friday, 24 December 2010 5

Popular Quiz Show is back!

By Dedomil

Nokia N5800 :- Mediafire
Nokia E71 :- Mediafire
Nokia N70 :- Mediafire
Nokia N73 :- Mediafire
Nokia N80 :- Mediafire

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Zombie Infection 2 (By Gameloft 2010)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010 5

Zombie Infection 2

There’s no end in sight as the Zombie Infection continues its destructive path across continents. Now, three brave souls must work together as they venture deep into the Brazilian jungle, mines, a secret lab and more to root out the source of the disease. Survive zombie attacks on a scale never seen before, including infected bats, sharks and other abominations. Use stealth and cunning or utilize new weapons including a flamethrower, grenades or melee weapons to keep the dead at bay, and even jump inside a speedboat for dramatic escapes.

* 3 playable characters, each providing different gameplay experiences
* Polished graphics with impressive new effects including explosions
* A wide range of weapons including a flamethrower, grenades, guns, spears, a zapper and more
* Various enemies including human zombies, hunters, infected bats and even a giant zombie
* Journey through South American villages, jungles, a diamond mine, tanker, laboratory and more
* New gameplay & action: Man a truck-mounted gun turret and pilot a speed boat for daring escapes

Thanks to retailers

Download :-

SE K800i (240x320) Mediafire
SE K550 (176x220) Mediafire
Nokia 5800 (360x640) Mediafire
Nokia E71 (320x240) Mediafire
Nokia N73 (240x320) Mediafire
Nokia N5200 (128x160) Mediafire
Nokia S40v3/5 (240x320) Mediafire
Nokia N70 (176x208) Mediafire
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