Monday, 13 September 2010

Alien Massacre (by Inlogic Software)

Monday, 13 September 2010 3

In the game you're Massacre Alien soldier who was sent to a research institution, where he managed something wrong ... With rarely an exciting atmosphere and environment of scientific and fantastic movies, your attention will be nailed to a mobile phone.

N95: download
SE 240x320: download

DJ Hero Mobile (by Glu)

Test your skillz on the ones and twos in this mobile version of the console hit. Scratch and mix beats from tracks by The Jackson 5 and Third Eye Blind, Marvin ***e and David Bowie, and more. Operate a virtual turntable with green, red and blue streams – when the notes reach the “hit zone,” tap the appropriate button to keep the beats on time. Scratch and cross-fade on the beat and unleash EUPHORIA to make DJ history! Every dance floor needs a Hero, so grab your mobile and let the beats DROP!

128x128: download
128x160: download
176x208: download
S40v3: download
N95: download
352x416: download
N73: download
320x240: download
5800: download
SE 240x320: download

Sunday, 12 September 2010

CSI: Miami 2 (by Gameloft)

Sunday, 12 September 2010 0

Fly to Miami and its sunny beaches to solve two new crimes with Horatio Caine, Calleigh Duquesne, Natalia Boavista, Tom Loman and the CSI expert team. Search crime scenes, collect evidence and go back to the lab to make them talk thanks to your high-tech equipment. Interact with the suspects in each case: interrogate, threaten or flatter them to uncover the truth. Go out into the field to speed things up, and don't be afraid to use your skills and gun if necessary - but try not to shoot an innocent... Enter your favorite TV show and feel like a real CSI team member. The truth awaits.

- Enter the CSI team in Miami: sun, murder, nightlife, beach and action.

- The real actors from the TV show on your mobile: investigate with Horatio, Calleigh and Natalia.
- A suspenseful scenario, 2 different mysteries to solve – that may be somehow connected…
- Enjoy the classics: investigate, look for evidence, interrogate suspects…
- ...Also be at the core of action: shoot, avoid bullets or chase a suspect!
- Feel like a real CSI team member thanks to varied mini-games: chemical tests, DNA analyses and more.

supplied by Dedomil.
S40v5: download
N73: download
E71: download
5800: download

Date or Ditch 2 (by Gameloft)

Love is such an intriguing game, and with new style and variety, Date or Ditch 2 will show you the hottest night on the town you’ve ever
experienced. Find romance in the city that never sleeps and meet an
array of hot girls & cool guys. But which will you keep around, and
whose heart will you crush? Make your own choices freely as you live out
the love life of your dreams in New York. Remember that everything you
do has a consequence, and a lover scorned could turn up later to cause
trouble. With 22 chapters, 3 mini-games and more options than ever,
there’s no telling how your story will end.

* Interact with 8 interesting characters face-to-face, each with their own distinctive personalities.

* Immerse yourself in a scintillating story full of drama, desire and surprises.
* Master the game of love and learn about yourself with reviews of your seduction skills.
* Visit 10 different locations, from the Upper East Side to posh boutiques on 5th Avenue.
* The Love Meter lets you know if you’re on the right track to winning hearts.
* Play 3 all new mini-games that add excitement and challenge to your hunt for love.

supplied by Dedomil.
5300: download
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E71: download
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