Saturday, 10 July 2010

Inlogic Software Ltd. Tuning Cars

Saturday, 10 July 2010 0

"Train your memory while playing Pairs. Everyone has played this game during their childhood. For more fun we have added extra three modes . Find all the pairs and compare your score with other players on the web."

Supplied by Dedomil.

5800: download

Ninja Prophecy (by Gameloft) |JAVA| 2010

Coming Soon.

Friday, 9 July 2010

{Buzz Software's} Positron v1.02(825) ML S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

Friday, 9 July 2010 1
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The purpose of the game is to help Positron, a true hero among balls, consume the necessary number of “Infotrons” to get through “Exitdoors,” in order to proceed to the next levels.

The key features of the game are:

* 111 unique levels
* Exciting puzzles
* Charming opponents: the Toothy Eye and the Brainsucker;
* There are no random events in the game, which means that your success totally depends on your own skill

Trailer :

The game was designed for mobile platforms, therefore the following features were taken into account:

* Positron can be controlled both with a joystick and number keys
* Your game will be autosaved if there is an incoming call or message
* The game speed can be adjusted any time

Thanks 2 WarriorMax

Size : 1.65 MB
Language : ML

SpeedyShare 0S 9.2/9.3 S60v3

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Football Cup Pinball. |JAVA| 2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010 0

Supplied by stox.

SE K800: download

Build-A-Lot 2: Town Of The Year (by Glu Mobile) |JAVA| 2010

Season time for building, buying and selling houses - a popular recreational site strategy game returns in the award-winning follow-up! Build, buy and resell at a profit homes reaching GREAT income!

Supplied by Dedomil.

S40v2: download
S40v2a: download
S40v3: download
S40v3a: download
S60v3: download
5800: download

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

{GlobalFun} Lightup Challenge |JAVA| 2010

Tuesday, 6 July 2010 0
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You have more than 10 different tools including mirrors, color-changing prism, light benders, splitters, breakers, mixers and many other light-changing devices at your disposal. Be sure to use them wisely.

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Language : Multi

SpeedyShare N95
SpeedyShare N80
SpeedyShare E71
SpeedyShare 7230
SpeedyShare N5200
SpeedyShare n6260
SpeedyShare k700(retail serviak)
SpeedyShare k800i(retail serviak)
Waper 5800[by stox]

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blur Racing Mobile (By GLU/Activision Mobile 2009)[Java]

Sunday, 4 July 2010 0

Blur Racing Mobile
Retail by kriker/CADA/Vaegz/dradelante
128x160 (SE T303):Mediafire
128x160 (SE K500):Mediafire
176x220 (SE K610):Mediafire
176x220 (SE W810):Mediafire
240x320 (SE K660):Mediafire
240x320 (SE M600):Mediafire
240x320 (SE K800):Mediafire
240x432 (SE Aino/U10):Mediafire
176x208 (Nokia 3250):Mediafire
240x320 (Nokia N73):Mediafire
240x320 (Nokia N95):Mediafire
320x240 (Nokia E71):Mediafire
352x416 (Nokia N80):Mediafire
360x640 (Nokia 5800):Mediafire
360x640 (Nokia N97):Mediafire

Tower Bloxx: New York (By Digital Chocolate 2009)[Java]

Tower Bloxx: New York
Retail by BerON/OбG{}H
176x220 (SE W810):Mediafire ; Ziddu
240x320 (SE W910):Mediafire ; Ziddu
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Retail by konon
128x160 (SE K500):Mediafire ; Ziddu
176x220 (SE K550):Mediafire ; Ziddu
176x220 (SE K700):Mediafire ; Ziddu
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Retail by dedomil
176x208 (Nokia 6680):Mediafire

South Africa Soccer Revolution 2010

Enjoy this brand new version of one of the best mobile football games of all time: “Soccer Revolution 2010, South Africa”. With all the World Cup teams, matches, stadiums, and more. Use the “Updater” function in order to update actual results of the World Cup.

Retail by dedomil
176x208 (Nokia):Mediafire

[GL] Robert Rodriguez Presents: Predators

Supplied by dedomil
Lng: EN

N95 1MB: Download
5800: Download
K800: Download (by Etoo0070)
by kriker
Satio: Download
W910: Download
W810: Download
Retail by dedomil
352x416 (Nokia N80):Mediafire ; Ziddu
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