Saturday, 26 June 2010

XRay Scanner.

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Fun application.

240x320: download

Friday, 25 June 2010

[InlogicSoftware] Footballz Sexy Pairs

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Lng: ML
by jonny

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A set of mini-games in the spirit of the Olympics, a challenge to your abilities and patience. Two game modes: training and the Olympics. All events are accompanied by useful descriptions. Overcome 10 best sportsmen of the world and conquer medals came in the top three in each contest.

Supplied by BERON

SE 240X320: download

The Love Guru.

Re Endure all the exciting scenes of the same name comedy with Mike Myers and Jessica Alba! You will become Pitka an American-bred Hindu guru outside his native culture. In a variety of mini-games you will find a lot of funny and amusing test.

Supplied by BERON
SE W910i: download

Spin And Win.

K750: download
K800: download
K500: download

3 in 1 Night Market

7610: download

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

[VileHudong Ltd.] King of currywurst

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A game similar to Tetris and a little bit on which you need to dial by rotating the pipe pieces. Here, as in the Tetris pieces fall and are rotated to seek to resolve the sausages, the sausage is great as we get more points. Each sausages disappear from the screen. The game ends when the screen there are too many pieces of sausage.

Supplied by Mammola

S60v3 240x320:download

Hall Of Fame: The Soccer Game

Sit in a comfortable chair and relax. You have to fight with the leading experts in football. But who will be smarter than everyone else, will take away with a prize of one million dollars!

supplied by serviak

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Drift N Park

Even the steep street racing on steep sport wheelbarrows sometimes have to park on the packed parking scored. But even in such a situation can show himself a master at driving! Keep your sports car in a parking space, trying not to slow down in time to make it fast and like a real street racer. The main thing it does not crash into the fence and the neighboring car, or your reputation ace aerobatics in driving seriously hurt!
Language: English
supplied by BERON.
SE W910: download

Terror Strike,

Evil terrorists seized a school, hospital and another heap of buildings in your town. Grab your machine, or even better - a sniper rifle! And begin to aim fire at the windows, to kill the scoundrels.

Supplied by Serviak
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[Handy X] The Ultimate Football Quiz (Java)

Lng: EN
by serviak

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240x320: Download

128x160: Download
176x220: Download
240x320: Download

adapted by Playa

S60v5: Download

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Gauntlet (by EA Mobile)

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The arcade classic, Gauntlet, is now on mobile. Play as the 4 memorable
Gauntlet heroes. Thor the Warrior, Thyra the Valkyrie, Questor the Elf,
and Merlin the Wizard. Learn the strengths of each in Training mode, and
then slash and slay in Classic Mode, or battle the Dragon Lord's Army
in the new dungeons of Quest Mode. Sharpen your swords and spells for
Survival Mode, where you'll battle relentless waves of enemy attacks in
timed dungeons. For arcade style action, get Gauntlet from EA Mobile!
supplied by CADA/VAEGZ
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W995: download
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