Saturday, 19 June 2010

[Kitmaker] I know Football : World Edition

Saturday, 19 June 2010 0

I KNOW FOOTBALL: WORLD EDITION has come out, the game based on the World Cup South Africa in which your knowledge about the king of sports will be challenged.

You will be tested with multiple choice answers and with the always surprising true or false and from smaller to bigger questions. It has more than 250 questions that guarantee hours and hours of fun accessed through different categories: History, Interesting Facts, Statistics and 2010 World Cup. This way, this application becomes the greatest challenge in the world about the knowledge of football. Dare to challenge yourself or compete with up to 4 friends to discover who knows best about this sport.

I KNOW FOOTBALL: WORLD EDITION, show how much do you know about football.
supplied by dedomil
E71: download

[Connect2Media] Cartoon Yourself : Football Cup Edition

With CARTOON YOURSELF: WORLD CUP EDITION! TM you will be able to draw cartoons of your friends on soccer clothes or popular soccer players with your mobile phone as a professional drawer. Draw cartoons and design your own avatars for your webs, communities and social networks. You will be able to save them in your cell phone, send them to your friends, to download them to your personal computer or to use them when they ring to your phone. A game and an useful application at the same time for any kind of mobile device that will allow you to have great and funny times with your friends.

• Draw cartoons of all your friends and send them to their mobile phones!
• Design your own characters as you desire. There are hundreds of possibilities!
• Enjoy ** your characters in an easy and ** way.
• Be part of an exclusive community, sharing your cartoons, make commentaries about them and participating in contest with a lot of funny prizes!

supplied by dedomil

[Zed] Soccer Shots

Multi-player drinking themed football quiz game, with various text and visual based question rounds.

supplied by dedomil

Star Wars: Cantina (THQ Wireless) [ Java ]

Lng: ML
by Pantamorph, Stox, kriker
5800: Download
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W760i: Download 
N95: Mediafire
Satio: Mediafire

Friday, 18 June 2010

Bubble Revolution (Digital Chocolate) [ Java ]

Friday, 18 June 2010 0

by Stox, Batyan,  IGOR777, churchill, dedomil, kriker

Lng: ML

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N97: Download
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Looma Dock Blox.

Looma is ready to explore more planets in her love universe. She needs to collect enough items to allow her spaceship to fly further. There are the hearts to power, her space cap for intelligence, her monitors to keep track of things; she needs nothing less. So help her collect the items she needs by lining 3 or more of the same together in a straight line. The more you collect, the further she will go!

supplied by dedomil.
240x320: download

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Brain Detector

Thursday, 17 June 2010 0

Are you unsure how smart you are compared to everyone else? Do you want to prove to your friends that they have a smaller brain than you? Answer a slate of questions, scan your brain and instantly see the results.

240x320: download

Touch Me

TOUCH ME is the most addictive erotic game of X-PIGGY. It is a complete lesson for any man who wishes to know the secrets of a woman’s body. A memory and attention game that will keep the player totally captivated by its sensual atmosphere and its addictive playability.

TOUCH ME tries to put to the test the user’s qualities as a lover. An exuberant woman will appear and show the user which combination of caresses can make her reach the maximum pleasure. The mission of the player is to memorize the sequences showed on the woman’s erogenous zones and try to repeat them to give her pleasure. The game not only tests the user’s memory, rhythm and speed but also puts to the test his concentration ability in front of the beauty of our girls.

supplied by Pantamorph.

240x320: download

Voodomino (HandyGames) [ Java ]

Lng: EN

by dedomil

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N90/ N80: Download
E61/ E71: Download
5800: Mediafire

[EA] Solitaire 12 x 1

The most popular card game of all time, anytime, anyplace. Suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts. Solitaire: mix, from the cards and selects one of 12 different ways to suit your abilities and preferences! Choose from six-inspired graphics card. With intuitive controls, useful tutorials and the option to help you learn and master virtually all styles of play, from Klondike to Baker's Dozen.

supplied by kriker

AINO: download
T715: download
W810: download
3250: download
5300: download
5200: download

[Global Fun] Viva la Revolution: El Che

Cuba, 1956. The dictatorial Batista rules the island with an iron fist. The people are suffering and misery is widespread. Lead Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his men through revolutionary war to bring freedom and hope to the island.
Battle Batista´s men in exciting confrontations, use all of the weapons and skill at your disposal to fight an army of mercenaries, rescue hostages and heal your fallen comrades.

Key Brand Strengths:
  • Based on the historical events of the liberation of Cuba by Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his men
  • Revive the Cuban Revolution through each one of the historical battles: Sierra Maestra, Bueycito, Santa Clara.
  • Vast arsenal at your disposal including assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, etc.
  • 10 levels and several boss battles
retail by nlmt
5800: download

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Devil May Cry 4 (Chinese)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 1 

Play as Nero, the "kid" of DmC 4 in a good CHINESE game !
Cracked by Brveloso

Guitar Hero 5 More Music (Glu) [ Java ]

A new version of GH5 ! This version have new music, but only midi files... =/

s40 v2 124 Kb
N95 / N73
788 Kb
781 Kb
s40 v3
550 Kb
s60 v2
177 Kb
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