Monday, 22 February 2010

Airfight Heroes v1.01 (by Vortex Game) |Symbian|

Monday, 22 February 2010 0
Airfight Heroes is an
exciting shooting game
with high quality graphics
and music.
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Description :
AirFight Heroes is a mobile
game of vertical
shooter.The game has
outstanding 2D graphics
and high quality music and
sound effect.There are two
player jet-fighters
available with respective
unique bullet style and
firing means as well as
three optional safety
bullets in the game. Players
can elevate weapon levels
via obtaining energy props
and can also choose
weapons by taking
advantage of alternating
Six stages of the games
available: Island Base
Battle, Town Upper Air
Battle, Railway
Line Battle, Yellow Sand
Base Battle, Gear of War
Plant Battle and
Experiments of Variation
Base Battle. Different level
has distinctive and various
enemy fighters, weapons
and bosses.
With provocative battle
graphics, gorgeous bullet
scenes, gradual upgrading
levels, mighty boss in every
level and expanding
weapons, the overall
quality of the game
competes with arcade
vertical shooting games.

"retail by Hartono
Size : 4 MB
language : English

Mediafire : S60v3

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Crime files : The Cursed HOTEL (By Glu)

Sunday, 21 February 2010 0
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The Cursed Hotel (EN)
All is not as it seems at Hotel
Prestige… In this investigation
game, you play as an
experienced police inspector
and a young journalist. Near
bankruptcy, the hotel is facing
a series of odd events including
several burglaries. Who is
guilty? What secret lies beneath
the hotel? Collect clues and
interrogate the residents to
make them reveal what they
know. Using powers of
deduction, make them confess
by cleverly turning their words
against themselves. It's up to
you to find out who is guilty!

Language : English
"supplied by serviak"

Mediafire k310i
Mediafire k610i
Mediafire k700i
Mediafire S700
Mediafire C905
Mediafire w950i
Mediafire 3250
Mediafire 5500
Mediafire N95
Mediafire 5800/N97

Ovi Maps Racing [byNokia] |Symbian|

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Langugae : English
Type : Sisx(symbian)

"Size : 8.7MB"

4Shared S60v5 [Nokia 5800/
Samsung Omnia-i8910]
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