Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cai bem Pepsi ! (NanoGames) [ Java ]

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Baixar jogo para celular Cai bem Pepsi grátis Baixar jogo para celular Cai bem Pepsi grátis
Baixar jogo para celular Cai bem Pepsi grátis Baixar jogo para celular Cai bem Pepsi grátis
By JPeres


Sonic & Sega All Stars (GL) [ JAVA ]


N95 (SPA) - 600 Kb



N95 (1 MB)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

[M3GWORKS] ArmorElite 3D |java|

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Armor Elite features a tank
commander of an Allied
Armored Division in World
War II. Take command of
your powerful tank to
defeat the opposition and
help free Europe and North
Africa through a series of
intense battlefields,
destroying all enemy tanks
and occupying the towns
and villages. The game will
allow the player to feel the
power of steel armor and
experience a realistic war
with a variety of action-
packed campaigns from
France to Germany. Enter
the tank and start your
• Command your powerful
tank through the intense
• The game puts you into
the battlefield filled with
dozens of enemy vehicles.
• A realistic war game with
thrilling explosions all
• A variety of action-
packed missions with
amazing 3D environments.
• Irresistible gameplay with
true experience of the

Retail by BerON
Language : Russian

4shared 128x160
4shared 176x220
4shared 240x320

Defend Or Die (by Qplaze) |java|

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If you have nothing to
shoot with take the
weapon from enemy
soldiers. If you have
nowhere to run stand to
the bitter end till the
enemies will run. Use their
own grenades and missiles
against them, don t let their
aid men do their job and if
they got really close bring
the pioneer spade into play
or even teeth but don t let
them pass through.
No matter how many of
them is there until you are
alive they won t pass
Game features:
- Original and dynamic
military action;
- Plenty of main character s
abilities and absorbing
game process;
- Thrilling dynamics fire and
hand-to-hand battles,
using explosives, missiles
and even air strikes;
- Vivid and original
graphics with plenty of
special effects;
- Simple and easy-to-use
- High game speed on each
and every phone model;
- Game is available in nine
languages: Russian,
Ukrainian, English, Italian,
German, Czech, Polish,
French, Spanish.

Mediafire k300i 128x128
Mediafire w380i 176x220
Mediafire w910i 240x320

.More versions will be Added soon.

Frozen Bubble v0.94r2S60v3 SymbianOS9.xSigned |Symbian|

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2010 UPDATE: As you probably already
know Frozen Bubble is a
popular free puzzle game
(especially in Linux
platform). User controls a
small canon, shooting
bubbles and tries to hit
other bubbles so to create
groups of 3 or more
bubbles of the same color.
Whenever this is
accomplished these
bubbles go away. The
purpose of the game is to
eliminate all bubbles from

4Shared 176x208
4Shared 240x320
4Shared 320x240
4Shared 352x416

Boom Letters v 1.0.4(Gamelion) |Symbian|

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Year : 2010
Developer : Gamelion
System Requirements:
Nokia E75, Nokia E71, etc.
Language : English
Screen Resolution :320x240
Status : Free
Boom Letters is a rhythm
game. By using your
handset ’s keyboard you
can tap the rhythm and
earn score. Experience 12
different tracks in this
musical masterpiece,
ranging from trance,
through rock to hip hop
beats. Use multipliers,
unlocks, special powers
and more. All of this with
the top graphical and sound
quality available on
Symbian Handsets! If you
are a Nokia E75 user, you
can download this title
from the "Download!"
service for free!
SIZE : 4.05MB

MediaFire : Nokia E75,E71 etc

Monday, 15 February 2010

Rune’s Quest (By Inlogic Software 2009)[Java]

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Rune’s Quest
Retail by dedomil
176x208 (Nokia N70):MF ; SS ; ZD
Retail by BerON
128x128 (SE K300):MF ; SS ; ZD
128x160 (SE W200):MF ; SS ; ZD
176x220 (SE K550):MF ; SS ; ZD
240x320 (SE W910):MF ; SS ; ZD

Force Recon (By Shamrock Games 2009)[Java]

Force Recon
Retail by ismayeel
176x208 (Nokia N70):MF ; SS ; ZD

Car Crash Racing (By ZED Mobile 2010)[Java]

Car Crash Racing
Retail by dedomil
176x208 (Nokia N70; 3250):MF ; SS ; ZD
208x208 (Nokia 6230i):
MF ; SS ; ZD
240x320 (Nokia N95):MF ; SS ; ZD
*Screens by DeaDKiSs!

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