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Tank Ace 1944 3D (by RESETgame) |Java|

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Do you like to drive tanks over
rugged terrain, lob artillery
shells into the far hills, and
blow up lethal opponents
lurking around every bend? If
so, then Tank Ace 1944 could
be the game for you.
In Tank Ace 1944 you
command a World War II tank
charging to occupy the enemy
capitol. Allied and Soviet Tank
Aces advance on Berlin;
German Aces advance on
London and Moscow. At least
that's what the orders from HQ
say. But since you face
overwhelming odds and are
forced to scavenge supplies as
you go, you might just find
yourself retreating instead.
The goal of each round of play
is to clear the enemy from a
map sector and drive them off
the far bank of a river so that
your side can cross and
advance. Skills you will need
to accomplish this are a
working trigger finger, the
ability to navigate West or
East (left and right on the
overhead map), and driving
ability sufficient to crash into
other vehicles.
A status panel shows the
number of enemies left, rounds
remaining, fuel, and armor
strength. The last three can be
replenished by ramming (not
shooting) an enemy truck. If
you run out of fuel or armor,
or for some reason drive your
tank into the water, in addition
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to an untimely death you will
be forced to retreat one
sector. If you wipe out the
enemies you will advance one
sector, retaining any excess
supplies you have scavenged.
The game ends when you take
the enemy capitol, or they
overrun yours. Either way the
brass will want to have a talk
with you.
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* Play one of three aces:
Allied, German, or Soviet.
* Three tanks: Sherman, Tiger,
or T34, each with movable
turret and cannon.
* Destroyable 3D landscape.
* Perspective or overhead
* Three difficulty settings.
* Enemy trucks carrying
rounds, fuel, and armor.
* Save / Resume game.

by "FOXPDA" ,Packed by "DrAdelante

SpeedyShare Nokia s60v3 240x320

Splintercell: Conviction (By Gl) [ Java ]


Thks to Etoo0070

Thursday, 28 January 2010

SWAT Counter Terrorist 2 (By Unknown)[Java]

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SWAT Counter Terrorist 2
Retail by MaMmola
240x320 (Nokia N95):MF ; SS ; ZD
*Only SS link. :/

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

(Polarbit) Iron Sight v1.02S60v5.SymbianOS.9.4.Unsigned.

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Polarbit Iron Sight v1.02
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The waning years of the 21st
century saw the world plunged into
strife and unrest on an unimagined
scale. The third global war ravaged
cities and buried the earth beneath
mounds of rubble and radioactive
fallout. As natural resources were
depleted and nations thrown into
utter destitution, the conflict slowly
wound down. When the dust settled
it was clear that a new power had
emerged victorious. A conglomerate
of multinational corporations had
acquired colossal wealth and
influence by supplying the warring
fractions with all manner of
weapons and instruments of
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At first, humankind welcomed the
stability ensured by the
Corporation. After decades of
constant warfare the world
screamed for order and safety,
which the Corporation was only too
willing to supply. Slowly but surely
civilization was rebuilt, at the cost
of freedom and personal liberty. In
the brave, new corporate world,
citizens were monitored,
scrutinized and controlled from the
cradle to the grave. Mind-
controlling drugs and a ruthless
secret police made every attempt at
resistance futile… or so it seemed.
Unbeknownst to the upper echelons
of the Corporation, small bands of
outlaws and rebels managed to see
past their petty squabbles and unite
into a efficient guerilla army. It was
not long until war had yet again
gripped the world; but this time it
was a war of revolution, a war for
freedom… a war for domination!
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Iron Sight offers a unique blend of
action, strategy and simulation. The
basic premise is deceivingly simple:
destroy the enemy before he has a
chance to destroy you! Attack with
a large and varied range of weapons
and power-ups: homing missiles,
artillery, satellite support, cluster
missiles and much more.
Iron Sight features an advanced AI
– enemies respond to the current
situation, value possible threats and
weather conditions to select the
appropriate weapon and utilize
available terrain for cover.
Beginners need not worry,
however, as the game offers
suitable difficulty settings for both
newbies and battle-hardened
The campaigns take you through
many different environments, from
war-torn wastelands and frozen
wastes to green grassland, all
littered with the remains of a
shattered civilization. Two separate
single-player campaigns and
multiplayer over Internet or hot-
seat ensures hour-upon-hour of


NOTE:first install "Game API" , then install "Iron Sight" ! Enjoy

SpeedyShareGame API

(GameAPI file is compulsory to start Iron Sight in ur S60v5 phones)

Mediafire"IRON SIGHT" OS 9.4 S60V5 (5800,N97 etc...)

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Raging thunder 2
A gameplay video has been released
from the upcoming game Raging
Thunder 2, a title that is still in
development. Targeting multiple
platforms for this version.
Are you ready to take on the most
intense street racer ever on a
handheld platform? Buckle up and
get ready to take it to the streets in
this seminal sequel to Polarbits
award-winning Raging Thunder.
Raging Thunder 2 will take you
through abandoned temples,
tropical beaches, snow-covered
mountains, the Great Wall and a
range of other breathtaking vistas
the world over! Buy new cars to
upgrade and balance until you have
the ultimate ride then take it online
to punish your opponents wherever
they might be, or play an intense
round of Survival, Time Attack or
any other of the 5 single player
game modes.
Key features:
- 5 different single player game
- Internet and local cross-platform
- Fast paced, intense gameplay
- Accessible and intuitive controls
- Stunning, console quality 3D


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NBA Live 10 (By EA 2009)[Java]

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NBA Live 10
128x128 (SE K300):MF
128x160 (SE K500):MF
176x220 (SE K750):MF
240x320 (SE K800):MF
240x320 (Nokia 6300):MF
240x320 (Nokia 5700):MF
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