Saturday, 9 October 2010

[EA] Medal Of Honor 2010

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Medal Of Honor 2010
Lng: ML
by CADA/Vaegs
6280:  Remixshare
6630: Remixshare
C110c: Remixshare
N70: Remixshare
6710: Remixshare
6710: Remixshare 
E50: Remixshare 
E71: Remixshare  
N96: Remixshare
N73: Remixshare
N81: Remixshare
N97: Remixshare
C5: Remixshare
C6: Remixshare
Samsung S5600: Remixshare
Samsung F480: Remixshare

may more versions later or just tell me


  1. Is there also a version for SE Aino U10 432x240

  2. sorry there is no special aino version
    but u can use any 240x320 touchscreen version they are multiscreens

    i will ask the retailer for aino version


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