Friday, 16 July 2010

The A-Team (Mr. Goodliving) [ Java ]

Friday, 16 July 2010

Lng: EN
by Jarek
K790: Download
N95: Remixshare (1,7MB) (By amek22)
by dedomil
N5200: Remixshare
S40v2: Remixshare
N6101: Remixshare
S40v3: Remixshare 
S40v5: Remixshare
S40v3a: Remixshare
N70:  Remixshare
N81: Remixshare
N73: Remixshare
N96: Remixshare
N95: Remixshare
N82: Remixshare
N80: Remixshare
E71: Remixshare
E50: Remixshare


  1. Its a good game although somewhat similar to Call of Duty 4 that came in late 2008. A really really good time passing mobile game with a fantastic story to go on.

  2. the game is although not in english but like most of the games you can figure out the controls & instructions by yourself. a good mobile game to play on & on.


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