Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gremlins Spellforce (QPlaze) |JAVA| 2010

Saturday, 17 April 2010
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Do you know what to do when gremlins knock at your city's gate?
When their short but very sharp claws scratch at the houses doors and grim laughter dings in your ears even at night?
When the smoke of their siege machines almost covers the sun and battle airships start to scrape the weathercocks on the towers?

You don't know? Don't worry, certified sorceress Lianna McFerson is well able to handle gremlins in any quantity! For only some ten thousand gold coins she will protect your city and save your houses from this trouble! The master of fire and temporal magic sets to wither any number of gremlins that intrude on your peace and welfare and she will do it causing almost no damage to your property!
You don't believe? Just let the brave sorceress reach the top of the city wall and then watch the fireworks!
We can assure you, you've never seen so many flying gremlins!

Game features:

- Original and vivid game in fantasy style;
- Plenty of non-typical characters, equipment and animation;
- Unusual and absorbing gameplay;
- Dozens of colorful animations and special effects - spells, explosions and magic creatures;
- Simple and easy-to-use controls;
- High game speed on each and every phone model;
- Game is available in nine languages.

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Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish.

SpeedyShare Benq-Siemens s68
SpeedyShare Motorola k1
SpeedyShare N3250
SpeedyShare w810i
SpeedyShare N95
SpeedyShare N6101
SpeedyShare E71

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