Tuesday, 16 March 2010

[GL] Ferrari GT 2 : Revolution | JAVA |

Tuesday, 16 March 2010
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Enter the world of the most
prestigious car
manufacturer and become
a part of the Ferrari legend.
Discover more than 40
iconic models from 1957 to
2010, including the latest
599XX and the awe-
inspiring 458 Italia. Enjoy
driving all of these varied
cars in 50 challenges like
Time Attack and Drift Races
across 10 famous locations
around the world, from
New York City to Dubai or
even the beautiful
landscapes of South Africa.
* Over 40 authentic Ferrari
models to own and drive,
including the latest 599XX
and the awe-inspiring 458
* No less than 10
worldwide locations to
race, from New York City to
Dubai or the beautiful
landscapes of South Africa
* 50 varied challenges to
play, from Time Attack to
Drift and Bonus Races
* Real driving conditions
including rain, storm,
lightning and a dynamic day
and night cycle
* A new artificial
intelligence allowing you
to compete against up to 8
players with their own
driving skills

Retail by Luan17/CADA

N95 1MB
N95 600kb
N86 600kb
N86 1MB
N73 600kb
n73 1MB

"SE versions"
SE K500
SE K800 1MB
w910 600kb
k800 600kb
k850 1MB
w810i 600kb

Retail by Negrohernan
N5300 600kb
SpeedyShare 6300 (600kb)
E71 600kb

(CHEAT CODE >>>>>>>>#1379*
You unlock:
- All Cars.
-All Tracks.
- $100,000,000.)


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