Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Defend Or Die (by Qplaze) |java|

Tuesday, 16 February 2010
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If you have nothing to
shoot with take the
weapon from enemy
soldiers. If you have
nowhere to run stand to
the bitter end till the
enemies will run. Use their
own grenades and missiles
against them, don t let their
aid men do their job and if
they got really close bring
the pioneer spade into play
or even teeth but don t let
them pass through.
No matter how many of
them is there until you are
alive they won t pass
Game features:
- Original and dynamic
military action;
- Plenty of main character s
abilities and absorbing
game process;
- Thrilling dynamics fire and
hand-to-hand battles,
using explosives, missiles
and even air strikes;
- Vivid and original
graphics with plenty of
special effects;
- Simple and easy-to-use
- High game speed on each
and every phone model;
- Game is available in nine
languages: Russian,
Ukrainian, English, Italian,
German, Czech, Polish,
French, Spanish.

Mediafire k300i 128x128
Mediafire w380i 176x220
Mediafire w910i 240x320

.More versions will be Added soon.


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