Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Boom Letters v 1.0.4(Gamelion) |Symbian|

Tuesday, 16 February 2010
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Year : 2010
Developer : Gamelion
System Requirements:
Nokia E75, Nokia E71, etc.
Language : English
Screen Resolution :320x240
Status : Free
Boom Letters is a rhythm
game. By using your
handset ’s keyboard you
can tap the rhythm and
earn score. Experience 12
different tracks in this
musical masterpiece,
ranging from trance,
through rock to hip hop
beats. Use multipliers,
unlocks, special powers
and more. All of this with
the top graphical and sound
quality available on
Symbian Handsets! If you
are a Nokia E75 user, you
can download this title
from the "Download!"
service for free!
SIZE : 4.05MB

MediaFire : Nokia E75,E71 etc


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