Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tank Ace 1944 3D (by RESETgame) |Java|

Saturday, 30 January 2010
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Do you like to drive tanks over
rugged terrain, lob artillery
shells into the far hills, and
blow up lethal opponents
lurking around every bend? If
so, then Tank Ace 1944 could
be the game for you.
In Tank Ace 1944 you
command a World War II tank
charging to occupy the enemy
capitol. Allied and Soviet Tank
Aces advance on Berlin;
German Aces advance on
London and Moscow. At least
that's what the orders from HQ
say. But since you face
overwhelming odds and are
forced to scavenge supplies as
you go, you might just find
yourself retreating instead.
The goal of each round of play
is to clear the enemy from a
map sector and drive them off
the far bank of a river so that
your side can cross and
advance. Skills you will need
to accomplish this are a
working trigger finger, the
ability to navigate West or
East (left and right on the
overhead map), and driving
ability sufficient to crash into
other vehicles.
A status panel shows the
number of enemies left, rounds
remaining, fuel, and armor
strength. The last three can be
replenished by ramming (not
shooting) an enemy truck. If
you run out of fuel or armor,
or for some reason drive your
tank into the water, in addition
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to an untimely death you will
be forced to retreat one
sector. If you wipe out the
enemies you will advance one
sector, retaining any excess
supplies you have scavenged.
The game ends when you take
the enemy capitol, or they
overrun yours. Either way the
brass will want to have a talk
with you.
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* Play one of three aces:
Allied, German, or Soviet.
* Three tanks: Sherman, Tiger,
or T34, each with movable
turret and cannon.
* Destroyable 3D landscape.
* Perspective or overhead
* Three difficulty settings.
* Enemy trucks carrying
rounds, fuel, and armor.
* Save / Resume game.

by "FOXPDA" ,Packed by "DrAdelante

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