Friday, 22 January 2010

(porlabit) RAGING THUNDER V1.00(5) Symbian 0S_9.x Signed (Breathtaking 3D Graphics)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Raging Thunder is a game based on
tried and true arcade values. Speed,
accessibility and fun, in other
words, trump the limitations
imposed by so called ‘real world
physics’. In the world of Raging
Thunder there are no such things as
‘ too narrow turns’ or ‘impossible
overtakes’ (and luckily, definitely
no such things as ‘traffic control
The primary strengths of Raging
Thunder, and the aspects we
ourselves are most proud of, is its
immersive gameplay mechanics, its
responsive, precise controls and its
rich, beautiful graphics. It is a game
for everyone to ‘pick up and play’,
for ten minutes or for two hours,
but one that evolves as players
progress. We want Raging Thunder
to create an itch in players that only
‘ finishing that next race’ can
scratch. Increasing difficulty,
unlockable features and a dynamic
game world offers replayability and
guarantees that the game stays

Signed version
Fixed Small bugs)

S60v3 (N73,N78,N95,5630 etc),

Symbian 60v5 (5800/N97 etc)


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