Friday, 15 January 2010

Oregon Trail 2: Gold rush (Gameloft) |JAVA| 14-01-2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

Embark on a new journey to
Western America! Relive the
adventures of migrating
pioneers on the trail to the
California Gold Rush in a new
travel map based on the historic
American period following the
Oregon Trail. Experience the
same winning decision-making
formula of the original game
you love and ensure the safety
of your wagon. Lead a new party
along an arduous journey: Cross
diverse terrain, face
unpredictable random events,
and meet various historic
characters while you collect
testimonies left by the party
from the previous Oregon Trail
mobile game.
Cross diverse landscapes &
terrains: plains, mountains,
desert, badlands, canyons, and
9 skill-based activities that
impact your resources: Hunting,
telegraphing, gold panning and
Anticipate unfavorable events
(tornadoes, attacks, etc.) and
react quickly to avoid setbacks.
Encounter historic sites &
characters to learn about
American history and the
hardships of the road.
Compare your stats with other
players on the online
Ties to the first Oregon Trail
mobile game: Collect hints & tips
from the previous party.

Thanks 2 Retailer's CADA/ Negrohernan

k800i 1mb
TM506 1MB
N95 1mb
5310 1Mb
Nokia 6101
X1 480x800


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