Thursday, 10 December 2009

EA RPG Collection (By EA Mobile)[Java]

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Doom RPG Pack
N70 + N95 + N80:Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu

Orcs and Elves Pack
N70 + 6280 + W810 + K800:Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu

Orcs and Elves II Pack
N70+K500/5200+6280/Miltiscreen:Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
Already posted games aren't included (Doom RPG 2; Wolfenstein RPG)!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


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Prepare for battle and protect their homeland of 4 crazy dictators, conquer the globe. Each more insane than the previous one. They send wave after wave of his troops to break your defenses and raise their own flag in your territory.

language¤Multilanguage versions.
Retail by Deadkiss

mediafire128x128 k300

mediafire128x160 k500

mediafire176x220 k750/w810

mediafire240x320 k800i,w580i,k770i
Retail by *Unknown*
176x208 (Nokia N70; 3250):Mediafire ; Ziddu
240x320 (Nokia N95):
Mediafire ; Ziddu
SpeedyShare Links
More versions Soon...Stay tuned

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Doom RPG II (Id Sof. / EA Mobile) [ Java ]

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THE LEGION OF DOOM broke out AGAIN. To save humanity, you get to hell ... DOOM 2 RPG, the sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM-style, is a unique experience. Choose one of 3 characters (Major, Sergeant, science) of the plot ... with an incredible arsenal multidimensional destroy more than 40 supernatural enemies in hell brutal firefights dimensional ... your way into 9 levels loaded with adrenaline, mystery and destruction ... to the depths of 'HELL !

N70 (176x208)
N95 (240x320)
C905 (240x320)
W302 (176x220)

Crazy Taxi (By GL) [ Java ]

Suplied by NH !

One of the greatest arcade driving games is now on a crash course for mobile! Pick up passengers and rack up tips for speed & for making the ride as insane as possible! Don't let anyone get in your way as you plow through a big city in 3D, finding shortcuts & jumping traffic to drop off your passengers in one piece before time runs out! It’s not how you get them there that matters, it’s how fast you get them there! Speed, fun, accessibility, plus the addictive score-attack formula provide a “crazy driving” arcade experience unique to its genre.

*Pick up customers and take them to their chosen destinations as fast as possible.
*Earn better tips by performing stunts and drifts.
*4 different drivers and their amazing cars, each with their own unique attributes.
*Progress through a giant free-roaming environment rendered in 3D.
*Lots of shortcuts for non-stop speed and custom tricks!
*2 game modes: Arcade and Fixed Time Limit


176x208 N70 (3D Reuploaded):Mediafire
176x208 N72 (2D Reuploaded):Mediafire

Monday, 7 December 2009

Defraxion {Black Bull Studios} symbian Os 9.X

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Players try to gain points throughout 100 different levels by reducing
ever forming brick walls with various bouncing balls hit by a
controllable bat. The changing wall and ball effects means you need to
keep your eye on the action at all times to achieve a competitive score
before the wall disappears!

In DEFRAXION, you control a bat to hit different types of
bouncing balls against coloured bricks that make up a moving 3D wall.
Points are gained depending on which colour of brick is taken out of
the game. The bat moves all over the board, so you`ve got to be quick
to win the game. Try it now - and get DEFRAXED!


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