Saturday, 28 November 2009

Thursday The 12th [Herocraft] JAVA 2009

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With hands full up of blood, Slayson starts looking for new enemies. People seemed to be very fragile and their death did not more give satisfaction as before. Slayson decides to go down in the depths of the Hell to find a hot boiler with sinners, in order to have full pleasure from the agony in which people are there.
Having committed so many murders, Slayson starts hunting after more enemies. Seems that people appeared to be so fragile, that their deaths did no more satisfy him as before. Slayson decides to go down in the heart of the Hell and find the boiling cauldron with sinners in order to have full pleasure from the agony in which people are there.
But before getting there, he will have to overcome many enemies, friendly towards each other, but who are hardly going to be friendly with him. So, he will have to face blood-thirsty zombies from ancient grave-yards, whose bodies dried-up for centuries and are in need of fresh blood, and former psychopaths ready to rush after anyone who even remotely reminds them their torturers. Also are on his way, damned monks excommunicated for terrible evil deeds and condemned to eternal suffering for the sins they committed during their lives. Having reached the Hell, strange creatures, which the only sight of flesh stirs up their fury and rage, will not give any moment of rest. Finally, here it is, the desired Boiler with sinners giving off fluids of fear, pain and unbearable sufferings. But is it the end of the trip?

Language ~ English
Retail by ~ Negrohernan

¤Nokia versions¤

~mediafire~176x208 [N70]
~mediafire~s40 240x320 [6233,6300]
~mediafire~s60v3 [n73,n95,5630xm etc]

~mediafire~128x160 [k500]

Friday, 27 November 2009

Surviving High School (EA Mobile) [ Java ]

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BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE at Centerscore High! Go to school on your own
terms in this fun cell phone game from EA Mobile! Create AND control
your destiny as you explore new episodes every week in this
story-driven adventure. Surprise yourself with different endings based
on choices you make along the way. Steal the spotlight and be most
popular. Reign as homecoming queen. Play hard as class jock. Date a
bunch or find your high school sweetheart. DREAM BIG!-PLAY SURVIVING
    • Play as Josh in the King of Diss or Emily in the Dancing Queen!
    • Download new episodes every week
    • Interact with hundreds of diverse characters
    • Name and customize your character with a variety of options
    • Cast your vote using in-game polls and view the results
    • Master four different mini-games
    • Character reactions and subtle animations bring your story to life!

EXL Solitaire 8 in 1 (EXL) [ Java ]

A very simple game with 8 types of cards games !

240x320 (SE)
S60v2 (176x208/220)
5200 (128x160)
S40 v2 (128x128)
S40 v3 (240x320)

Space Invaders: Evolution (EA/Taito) [ Java ]

Thks to Kriker

Time Crisis: Elite (EA/Namco) [ Java ]

Thks to Dedomil

240x320 (Nokia s40v3)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Sherlock Holmes (By GL) [ Java ]

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Step into the role of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson in the official movie game with a mystery that will require sharp wits and hard fists to solve. Women are disappearing from the streets of London and Lord Blackwood’s evil cult is somehow behind it - but why? Fight off Blackwood’s men in epic brawls, chasing suspects through back alleys, racing wagons down busy streets and using your powers of observation and deduction to find the clues you need to put it all together. This time, the challenge is anything but elementary.

* Preview the movie with the official mobile game, featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.
* 2 playable characters: Play as Holmes, or take control of Watson when the situation gets intense!
* Take advantage of special skills: Holmes' lethal fighting and observation skills, Watson & his gun.
* Faithful to the movie: A true likeness for each character in a reproduction of 19th century London.
* Diverse gameplay: Fight, drive carriages, talk, investigate, neutralize enemies in silence and more.
* 10 chapters of action & investigation to counter Lord Blackwood's dark plans.

Thks to: Luan17 / Playa / CADA / Dedomil / Kriker


 K800/k790i/k810/w850/w900i/w880i[1MB]: [link]
 K800/k790i/k810/w850/w900i/w880i[600kB]: [link]
 W910i/W910iv/C702/C905/C905v/[600kB] [link]
 N73 600KB: [link]
 E62: [link]
 3250: [link]

Tetris Revolution (By EA) [ Java ]

SE w910: Megaupload
SE m600: Megaupload
SE w810: Megaupload
Nokia N95: Megaupload
Nokia N73: Megaupload

Monday, 23 November 2009

Miami Babes Sexy memory [X-Piggy]

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MIAMI BABES: SEXY MEMORY is a X-PIGGY erotic game set up in the luxurious sceneries and beaches of Miami. In this erotic game, your aim is to match pairs with the same images of the Miami beauties. There’s no time for boredom in MIAMI BABES: SEXY MEMORY: with this beautiful girls and the different game modes won’t let you stop playing.
Language english

SE Versions:

zidduk300 128x128
zidduk500 128x160
zidduk750i/w810i 176x220
zidduk800i 240x320

ziddu6600 176x208
zidduN73 240x320

ziddu6233/6300 240x320

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Woody wood pecker:IN WATERFOOLS [GLU] JAVA 2009

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Language : English
retail by Negrohernan

s60v2 versions
4shareds60v2 versions pack

s40 versions
4shared s40 versions pack

s60v3 versions
4shareds60v3 versions pack

SE Versions

Vegas Casino :12 pack [by DIGITAL CHOCOLATE] JAVA 2009

"Casino gaming as it should be – Vegas style! Head to Vegas in this premium collection of up to 12 authentic casino games – including Video Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots & more! Play against rockstars, heiresses & tycoons as you test your skills head-to-head with the best of Vegas in the ultimate Vegas challenge – The Tournament! Or perfect your skills in Free Play!"

Casino gaming as it should be – Vegas style!Up to 12 premium casino games:
– Video Poker
– Baccarat
– Blackjack
– Vegas Roulette
– Gold Mine Slots – And more!
2 Gameplay modes for hours of gaming challenges: – The Tournament: Go head-to-head against the Vegas elite in this ultimate multi-game tournament of champions!- Free Play: Perfect your skills in 12 hot Vegas games – including Endurance and Double or Nothing Blackjack!
Retail by BerOn

Se versions:

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