Friday, 31 July 2009

G-Force (By Disney) [Java]

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240x320 (Russ)*
176x220 (Russ)*

* Thks to brveloso

Supreme Commando (By QPlaze 2009)[JAVA]

He's alone against all!
Crowds of hostile aliens are not frightened by it, fighting robots, and mutants are notable to stop him!

He - Commando future to fulfill its mission to a distant planet,in mysterious jungles and ruins of ancient civilizations.His battle armor with stands hit fusion rockets, and sound bites of the giant scorpions, a plasma cannon capable evaporate moon medium size. In his arsenal of missiles, bombs, and the annihilator, devastating entire continents. His armor is not intimidating acid arms of the horrible monsters, and even the most monstrous creations of deep space will not force him toretreat.

He - Supreme Commando, and no one can stand in his way, at least for long.

Game Features:

- Bright graphics and a varietyof special effects explosions,flares, fire;
- A fascinating and tightening gameplay;
- A lot of enemies with different behavior and weapons,and huge scary bosses;
- High speed of the game and an excellent optimization underweak phone models;
- A dynamic musical accompaniment;

- Availability of the game in nine languages: Russian,Ukrainian, English, German,Italian, Czech, Polish, French,Spanish.

176x208 EasyShare ; Ziddu

208x208 EasyShare ; Ziddu

240x320 EasyShare ; Ziddu

320x240 EasyShare ; Ziddu

352x416 Easyhare ; Ziddu

*Retail By Goga1964

*ML Versions.

California Sexy Models Puzzle (By Connect2media 2009)[JAVA]

Our sexy girls while they teach you to uncover all their photos in this hot and spicy sexy puzzle. Mixing with exciting puzzle charm of our girls in all their sensuality make this game an unbeatable combination of entertainment and super provocative photos. Use your skills and patience for each image to reveal and discover their most erotic poses. There are many challenging levels to overcome while looking top strip models.

Nokia 3250 (176x208) EasyShare

Nokia N73 (240x320) EasyShare

Nokia N80 (352x416) EasyShare

*Retail by Dedomil.

*ML versions.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (By EA Mobile 2009)[Java]

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Language:Multi [No English]
Retail by blizzi
176x220 (SE K530)*:EasyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (SE C510)*:EasyShare ; Ziddu
SpeedyShare Links
*Thanks to moon!

Go-Karts 3D (By Baltoro Games Studio 2009)[Java]

Go-Karts 3D
Retail by dedomil
240x320 (Nokia N95)[MS]:EasyShare ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu

Mind Games 2 (By Player X 2009)[JAVA]

Flex your brain muscles in this challenging test of IQ games and puzzles. A daily workout for your brain

*Retail By kriker.

Nokia 3600s (240x320) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia 5730XM (240x320) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia 6790s (320x240) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia 2720f (120x160) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia E55 (320x240) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia E71 (320x240) EasyShare ; Ziddu

SE F305 (176x220) EasyShare ; Ziddu

SE K500 (128x160) EasyShare ; Ziddu

SE K660 (240x320) EasyShare ; Ziddu

SE K750 (176x220) EasyShare ; Ziddu

SE K800 (240x320) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia N73 (240x320) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Nokia N80 (352x416) EasyShare ; Ziddu

SE W910 (240x320) EasyShare ; Ziddu

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

4 Games ! (By XtremegameX 2003) [ Java ]

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Mobile Gamers Hell

* Adventures of Aggto

* Devils Fat Incubation

* Recicler

* Xtreme Blocks

All Games are Multiscreen and SP / EN langs.

Adventures of Aggto
Devils Fat Incubation
Xtreme Blocks

How to "Unlock" Full Game :

Mobile Gamers Hell

Each game at the start, has the option "Activate", click it. There will be a code, then go to the game link below, enter the code in the page and copy the code that appears on the web for the phone.

Adventures : Act Code
Devils : Act Code
Recicler : Act Code
Xtreme Blocks : Act Code

Chess Chronicles (By eFusion) [ Java ]


Game Multilang : DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PT.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Miami Nights 2 (By GL 2009) [ Java ]

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Thks to Moon !

SE K800i : Link | Mirror (1 Mb Version)

Mirror by morpheus7
Retail by zeneez
176x220 (SE K618i)*:EasyShare ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
*Thanks to morpheus7!
Retail by Luan17
176x220: w810i | k750i
240x320: w910i | k800i (600k)
128x160: k500i
X1: Download

:: Nokia Versions ::
retail by Luan17

Monday, 27 July 2009

Battle Blocks (By HandsOn Mobile) [ Java ]

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Suplied by Etty !



HeadGun (by Akiza) [ Java ]

Suplied by Etty (128x128,128x160 and 176x220) and SaNeC (240x320)


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Robin Hood 2 in the Crusades (By GlobalFun 2009)[JAVA]

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Mobile Gamers Hell

Help Robin as he retells his adventures in the Crusades. Fight Saladin’s forces and uncover the plot behind the evil Sultan Nur ad-Din’s plan in this whole new Robin Hood adventure. It features a magical story with new and familiar faces, many engaging quests and a completely new weapons arsenal.
The game follows the “role-playing light” formula, accessible to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Key Brand Strengths:
-Developed by GlobalFun.
-Sequel to the successful Great Legends: Robin Hood.
-Engaging storyline that spans 10 chapters through 19 different maps.
-Many new types of arrows, swords and various items.
-7 Epic boss battles.

128×160 – S40v3 —->EasyShare ; Ziddu (Nokia 3110 /Nokia 3109 /Nokia 3152 / Nokia 3500 /Nokia 5200 /Nokia 6060 /Nokia 6085 /Nokia 6086 /Nokia 6111 /Nokia 6125 /Nokia 6136 /Nokia 6151—-/Nokia 1680 /Nokia 2323 /Nokia 2330 /Nokia 2600 /Nokia 2630 /Nokia 2660 /Nokia 2680 S /Nokia 2760 /Nokia 7070 Prism)

240×320 – S40v3 —->EasyShare ; Ziddu (Nokia 5300 /Nokia 6126 /Nokia 6131 /Nokia 6133 /Nokia 6233 /Nokia 6234 /Nokia 6275 /Nokia 6280 /Nokia 6282 /Nokia 6288 /Nokia 6300 /Nokia 7373 /Nokia 7390 /Nokia 8600 /Nokia 5000 /Nokia 7100)

240×320 - S60v3 —->EasyShare ; Ziddu (Nokia N71 / Nokia N73 /Nokia N92 /Nokia N93 /Nokia E50 /Nokia E65)

128x160 - SE K500i—->EasyShare ; Ziddu

240x320 - SE K800i—->EasyShare ; Ziddu

176x220 - SE W810i—->EasyShare ; Ziddu

*Retail by Jsavi and Moon !

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