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Intellsys Live2Phone v4.5.18 Incl Desktop S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Read NFO Cracked-DiL [APPLICATION]

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Live2Phone is a video streaming application that can be used for various purposes. Some of them are home and office surveillance, watching the kids, nanny cam, intrusion alarm, or just for fun. 
It can be a less expensive and easy to use alternative to the classical surveillance system, adding the advantage of mobility and higher flexibility in deployment. It works on your computer with your existing web-cam without the need of additional surveillance equipment purchase. 
The innovative instant video alert on motion detection feature makes it perfect for baby sleep monitoring and intrusion alarm.

Main features

Unique motion detection with instant video alert. 
Full time 7/24 surveillance ( on server video recording )
Support for multiple cameras and multiple surveillance sites
Low operation costs
Compatible with a wide range of video devices (web cams, TV tuners, etc.)
Compatible with IP/network cameras (beta)

Supported platforms

Symbian S60 3rd Edition mobile phones
Personal computers running Windows XP, 2000, Vista.

System requirements

Full Internet connection (Internet GPRS, 3G, WiFi) available on the mobile phone
Personal computer connected to Internet running Windows XP, 2000 or Vista
Video capture device compatible with Microsoft Direct Show (USB webcam, TV tuner, digital camera) or IP/network camera.

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Guitar Rock Tour 2 (By Gameloft 2009) [Java]

k800i (600kb)
k800i (1Mb)
c902 (1Mb)

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k800i (600 Kb)
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352x416 (Nokia N80):EasyShare ; Ziddu
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All Fishlabs Games - All Screens By TGM [JAVA]

DEEP - Submarine Odyssey


DEEP™ – Immerse yourself in an exciting underwater world and experience an outstanding, action-packed and multiple award-winning sci-fi adventure!

* 3D underwater shooter game with a complex trading simulation
* Immense, lively underwater world with 200 different stations
* Epic story with a large variety of marine creatures and powerful characters
* 10 unique submarines to choose from that can be upgraded with dozens of weapons, shields, drives, etc.
* More than 20 hours of exciting game play


Galaxy On Fire


Galaxy On Fire™ – Multiple award winning sci-fi adventure with spectacular 3D graphics and a terrific story set in huge galaxy to explore!

* 3D intergalactic shooter game with a complex trading system
* Gigantic galaxy with hundreds of planets and space stations
* Gripping story with lots of dialog and 3D-animated cut scenes
* 10 unique spaceships to choose from that can be upgraded with dozens of weapons, shields, drives, etc.
* More than 20 hours of exciting game play


Galaxy On Fire 2


Galaxy On Fire™ 2 – the ultimate sci-fi adventure with spectacular action, compelling story and a free gameplay unparalled in depth and complexity!

* Huge galaxy with dozens of solar systems with unique planets and space stations in 3D
* Action-packed battles featuring various primary and secondary weapons and stunning explosions
* Ore mining in hazardous dynamic asteroid fields
* 3D map to navigate through solar systems and jump gates to travel fast through the whole galaxy
* Dozens of space ships with plenty of weapons and gadgets to upgrade as well as free trading and production of goods of any kind
* Space lounges to meet streetwise business people, extraordinary aliens and shady clients with lucrative missions




Gladiator – Play original characters from the movie and fight your way to the final showdown in the Colosseum!

* Nine original characters from the movie with lots of individual moves
* Fighting arenas with dynamic camera control
* Three game modes: Quick Fight, Career, Survival
* Player vs. player mode via Bluetooth*
* Easy controls to pick up quickly


Burning Tires


Burning Tires™ – Breakneck-fast 3D racing action against tough opponents in the most adventurous places on earth!

* A dozen detailed courses in three different environments
* Different fun racers with individual road performances
* Realistic 3D physics-based gameplay with up to three opposing vehicles
* Can also be played in full-screen horizontal mode for a true console-like feeling
* Action replay with dynamic cameras




Motoraver™ – First-rate racing game with gripping illegal night time races in a huge city!

* 3D racing game with different mission objectives
* Vast city with several districts
* Story mode with cut scenes
* Free mode for cruising
* Extensive selection of cool cars


Planet Riders


Planet Riders™ – Breakneck, high-speed races in the third millennium around the planets in our solar system!

* 3D high speed racing game with lots of cool jets
* Outstanding track designs
* Power-ups for weapons, boosts and repairs
* Game modes: Race, Tournament, Time Qualification
* Head-to-head races via Bluetooth*


Powerboat Challenge


Powerboat Challenge™ – Race at full throttle with speedy racing boats, cool characters, hot babes and cheeky comments!

* Four cool characters with stylish racing boats to choose from
* Four different venues with lots of competitions
* Different disciplines such as classic lap racing, time qualifications and the thrilling elimination competition
* In-game shop with lots of tuning options
* 10 hours of exciting game play, easy to learn, hard to master


Rally Master Pro 3D


Rally Master Pro™ – uncompromising rally action on 27 ambitious and detailed tracks in sunshine, rain and snow!

* Amateur, professional and expert rallys on 27 ambitious and varied tracks
* Detailed vehicles with real 3D damage model
* Driving physics that depends on weather, track and damage conditions
* Repair mini-games between the races
* Interactive replay with various vehicle and TV cameras


Blades & Magic


Fight as a fearless warrior or mighty magician in the multiple award-winning fantasy RPG Blades & Magic™!

* Huge and vivid game world waiting to be explored with a large number of main and secondary quests and lots of different enemies
* Innovative fighting system with an awful lot of learnable talents
* Complex story with lavish dialog and impressive cut scenes
* Unrestrained character development in nine exciting chapters
* Up to ten hours of highly motivating game play


Heli Strike


Heli Strike™ – Carry out missions in a combat helicopter against the superior strength of airborne, seagoing and land-based foes!

* Unbelievable 3D graphics
* A vast number of opponents and power-ups
* Intuitive controls
* Outstanding sound effects
* Motivating medal system


Robot Alliance


Robot Alliance™ – Fight with an arsenal of weapons and power-ups against an entire army of robots on your mobile phone!

* Giant outdoor area with different mission objectives
* Lots of animated opponents with different attack patterns
* Hidden weapons, munitions and power-ups in the levels
* Day and night missions
* Multiplayer Online Mode


Tank Raid


Tank Raid™ – Multiple award-winning tank raid against the evil dictator Yussuf al Fatal and his army of thugs!

* Rail shooter game with a simple gaming principle, also ideal for casual gamers
* 3D, comic style graphics
* Numerous opponents and power-ups
* Hilarious background stories
* Wicked music and sound effects


Snowboard Hero


Snowboard-Hero™ - Get ready to challenge real Snowboarding pros on the slopes, in the Fun Park and off-piste!

* 18 awesome snowboard challenges, including combined tasks, with time, point and gate targets
* Outstanding graphics - with slopes, Fun Park tracks and off-piste challenges and alternative routes
* Clever medal system
* All-in-one Gameplay with races, jumps and grinds
* Loads of standard and special tricks to unlock

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Pizza Manager (By eFusion 2008)[Java]

Pizza Manager
Language:English; Deutch
Retail by Etoo0070
176x220 (SE W810i):EasyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (SE K810i):EasyShare ; Ziddu
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NFL 2010 (By Gameloft 2009)[Java]

NFL 2010
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176x220 (SE W810i)*:
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240x320 (SE K800i)*:EasyShare ; Ziddu
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240x320 (SE K800)[1mb]:EasyShare ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
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Ouija (By KitMaker 2009)[Java]
Retail by Jsavi
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Moto GP 09 (By I-Play 2009) [Java]

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128x160 (k500i)
176x220 (k750i)
240x320 (k800i)

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240x320 (SE W960):
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320x240 (Nokia E71):EasyShare ; Ziddu
352x416 (Nokia N80):EasyShare ; Ziddu
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Solid Weapon 3: Red Gun (By Lemon Quest 2008)[Java]

Solid Weapon 3: Red Gun
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128x128 (SE K300i):
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Postal (By Global Fun 2009)[Java]

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Retail by SaNeC
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128x160 (SE K500)*:EasyShare ; Ziddu
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Blood+ (GLU 2009) [Java]

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Game Multilanguage, very similar with God of War (JavaGround too)
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