Monday, 16 November 2009


Monday, 16 November 2009

Late in the evening in your apartment the phone rang. Usually calm and confident voice of thy old friend of Dr. Pavlov, this time shaking:

- Most come ... my patients escaped ... they have rabies ... only you can stop them ..., - the silence which followed in the receiver broke a bloodcurdling scream and communication was interrupted.

You had no choice but to take their premium 12 millimeter friend:) which was handed to you as the commander of Paratrooper-assault squad, and go to this God-forsaken clinic for the mentally ill in a Moscow suburb.

On reaching it, you immediately felt something was wrong. Previously, at the entrance has always stood guard grandfather Ivan, but this time the gates were closed, and around a deathly silence. Coming out of the car and peremahnuv over the fence, you find yourself in a locked entrance. With some difficulty climbing the slippery from the rain water pipe on the third floor, in the light of lightning thy gaze presents a terrible picture ... Yes, you do not just have seen terrible things in Afghanistan and Chechnya, but here in the civilian world ... In the middle of the room, gently swaying in a noose hanging corpse of Dr. Pavlov, but something gnawed his feet and tore the skin from the face ... and this "something" has left a trail of blood, stretching into the murky corridor clinic.

Removing revolver with a fuse, you do step into the darkness toward the unknown ...

Game features Meat2Eat:

Innovations of mobile gameplay - unlimited ammunition, and also decreases with time the level of vaccine in the blood, which must be continually replenished (instead of the traditional first-aid kits);

the first time in mobile shooters "vivisection" enemies - shoot the arms, legs and head;

weapons spoiled the blood of slain enemies and has the effect of chromium;

spectacular levels, qualitatively reproduce the gloomy atmosphere of the premises "Sov" hospitals;

unusual and fascinating story with an unexpected ending game;

the use of rollers in the comic book style passing game;

musical accompaniment for each of the levels, creating the right atmosphere of what is happening on the screen of a mobile phone;

sea of blood and positive emotions.

Nokia / Sony Ericsson / LG / Samsung / Siemens / Benq:

132x176/128x128/128x160/176x208-220/240x320/320x240/352x416- 4shared


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