Friday, 10 July 2009

UFO: Afterlight (By Global Fun 2009)[JAVA]

Friday, 10 July 2009

Mars, a new home for the human race, is not as life-less as we thought. The player in UFO: Afterlight will have to conquer various Mars territories, fight alien armies, research new technologies and extra-terrestrial artifacts and slowly turn Mars into a green and living planet.
The compelling story-line presents several routes for the player to take, with possibility to form alliances in the strategy part of the game, and fight alien forces in turn-based tactical battles.

*Based on the PC game “UFO: Afterlight”, successor of the popular “UFO / X-Com” PC games series, named by IGN as “The best PC games ever made”. 
*Excellent visual presentation with dozens of character animations, fully destructible environments and voice dubbing! 
*Combination of tactical action and global strategy. 
*Many enemies to fight, belonging to different alien races.

*Supplied by moonsc4p3

*by Sha377


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