Friday, 31 July 2009

Supreme Commando (By QPlaze 2009)[JAVA]

Friday, 31 July 2009

He's alone against all!
Crowds of hostile aliens are not frightened by it, fighting robots, and mutants are notable to stop him!

He - Commando future to fulfill its mission to a distant planet,in mysterious jungles and ruins of ancient civilizations.His battle armor with stands hit fusion rockets, and sound bites of the giant scorpions, a plasma cannon capable evaporate moon medium size. In his arsenal of missiles, bombs, and the annihilator, devastating entire continents. His armor is not intimidating acid arms of the horrible monsters, and even the most monstrous creations of deep space will not force him toretreat.

He - Supreme Commando, and no one can stand in his way, at least for long.

Game Features:

- Bright graphics and a varietyof special effects explosions,flares, fire;
- A fascinating and tightening gameplay;
- A lot of enemies with different behavior and weapons,and huge scary bosses;
- High speed of the game and an excellent optimization underweak phone models;
- A dynamic musical accompaniment;

- Availability of the game in nine languages: Russian,Ukrainian, English, German,Italian, Czech, Polish, French,Spanish.

176x208 EasyShare ; Ziddu

208x208 EasyShare ; Ziddu

240x320 EasyShare ; Ziddu

320x240 EasyShare ; Ziddu

352x416 Easyhare ; Ziddu

*Retail By Goga1964

*ML Versions.


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