Saturday, 31 January 2009

Devils And Demons (By Handy Games 2009)[Java]

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Devils And Demons
Language:English [translated**]
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; DepositFiles ; Ziddu ; UploadBox

176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; DepositFiles ; Ziddu ; UploadBox


Multiscreen version*:EasyShare ; DepositFiles ; Ziddu ; UploadBox
176x208 (Nokia N70)***:Sendspace
176x208 (Nokia 6600)***:Sendspace
176x220 (SE W810i)***:Sendspace
128x160 (SE K500)***:Sendspace
128x128 (SE K300)***:Sendspace
240x320 (SE K800)***:Sendspace
176x208 (Nokia 3250)***:Sendspace
240x320 (Nokia N95)***:Sendspace
240x320 (Nokia N73)***:Sendspace
352x416 (Nokia N80)***:Sendspace
*Thanks to moon!
**Translated by ANiMeX!
***Bought by moon!


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