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HaPpY NeW yEaR !!

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And a Special Thks to Playa and Dean for all links in CBOX chat .. ^^

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In the deepest part of the sea lived a community of creatures ruled by
a king and his five sons. The king's new wife made an evil plan to
imprison the princes far away. You, the younger prince, must escape and
begin an adventurous journey all around the sea to find your brothers
and set them free.
I liked the game from the moment I first saw it. It has nice graphics,
and a sympathetic ball that you move and some beautiful sea inspired
backgrounds. Sadly, once you stay playing it for some hours or even
some minutes, it becomes a little repetitive. The menu is nice, the
deep sea themes are very colorful and it reminded me for an instant of "De Blob" by THQ Wireless,
because of all its color and design. There is sound only in the menu,
but not during the game itself; not even sound effects when you win or
so. The graphics though are great, full of color and animations too.
The only thing I didn't like was all the coins and other graphics that
tends to confuse you.
Your objective in the game is to break all the color pieces; for that
you have "Ball Painters" that "paint" you in the color you need to
break the different squares. Once you start the game, you can choose a
difficulty level. I started with easy and.. well, it was easy. But the
features change when you set a different difficulty. I found it very
entertaining despite the lack of sound effects. After all, it's just a
simple casual game and I'm sure it would make a boring moment pass
faster if you played it with some of your favorite music in the
Retail by BerON
Language : Russian

nokia/se 240x320

Colapse! 2010 (Mr GoodLiving) [ Java ]

2009 12 12 23 36 35 3 Collapse 2010 2009 12 12 23 36 35 6 Collapse 2010

Lang: ITA | By Kriker

Motorola Z8- Download
Retail by Compro
128x128 (SE K300); 128x160 (SE K500):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
176x220 (SE W302); 176x220 (SE W810):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (SE K800); 240x320 (SE S700):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
360x640 (SE Satio/Idou):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
240x432 (SE Aino/U10):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
800x480 (SE XPERIA X1); 240x320 (SE C905):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
176x208 (Nokia 3250); 352x416 (Nokia N80):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (Nokia N95); 240x320 (Nokia N73):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
320x240 (Nokia E63); 240x320 (Nokia N96):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (Nokia E66):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
360x640 (Nokia 5800); 360x640 (Nokia N97; N97m):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
*Sorry for the 2 versions packs but there are too many versions to upload them separately. :/
**No Mediafire links for Satio; Aino and E66, because of MF problems.

F22 Raptor (By In-Fusio 2009)[Java]

F22 Raptor
Retail by serviak
128x128 (SE K300):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
128x160 (SE K500):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
176x220 (SE K700):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (SE K800):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu

Retail by Elf
240x320 (SE C702):Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
*Screens by Playa! :)

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Christmas Conspiracy[Qplaze] |Java| 24-12-09

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Naughty gnomes, helpers of Santa Claus, completely up to mischief, after arranging a game of hide and seek among the festive sweets and toys! Seek out all the small Prokaznikov among Christmas treats and gifts, having to do it in time. Simple and fun game created specifically for the winter holidays in the appropriate atmosphere, be sure to enjoy everything without exception!
Retail by BerON

More versions coming...
[Merry Christmas . Enjoy christmas with christmas conspiracy]

Merry Christmas !

And much Games for us in 2010 !

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Edge of Fire [Q-plaze] |Java|

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It's the last morning of war.

The wind brings with it cold and bitterness, smoke of fires and enemies' cries. Their defences stand out from the darkness in the light of rising sun, closer and closer.
The end is close √ go through the barricades and dungeons, over dead bodies of the enemies, through the lead shower and napalm's whirlwinds, there where the last and the most powerful enemy is waiting. He holds his ground and he has nothing left to lose √ because the war ends right here, right now...

On the edge of fire..."

Game features:
- Sharply defined and realistic graphics;
- Impressive explosions and special effects;
- Enemies that use hideouts and armed bosses;
- Simple game process that requires no training;
- Easy-to-use and user-friendly controls;

"Retailer by BerON" languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish


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Jan The Sheep (SoftGames) [ Java ]

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Suplied by Serviak

Game Multilang and Multiscreen !


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Earthworm jim (gameloft) |Java| 18-12-09

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Groooovy! One of the all-time most iconic video game characters is now coming to mobile! Gameloft's remake brings the 1994 iconic run-and-gun platform game that conquered millions of fans with components all reworked to fit the best standards on mobile. Master Jim's powers in a wacky quest throughout the galaxy to rescue Princess What's-Her-Name, and defeat your arch-enemy, Psy-Crow! Explore the crazy universe that offers tremendous gameplay possibilities, surprising characters and cult soundtrack that built the success of this unique game.

"Thanks 2 retailers" ᓰNegrohernan/CADA/luan17/dedomil/BerONᓱ

⠇⠘ Versions⠈
MediafireᔝN70 (600kb) Mediafireᔝ⠘ 6280

Mediafireᔝ⠘ 6600/7610
zidduᔝ⠘ 6060
zidduᔝ⠘ 2610
mediafireᔝ⠘ 6230
Mediafireᔝs60v5 lite N5000
sendspaceᔝ⠘ n80
ᔝNOKIA 5130XMMultiupload/
Megauploadᔝ⠘ 6233/6300 (s40v3a)
zidduᔝ⠘ N73 600kb
N73 1.08mbᔝMultiupload
/Mediafire MediafireᔝN95 1.03mb
MediafireᔝE71 MediafireᔝN80

⠇Samsung Versions⠈

MediafireᔝSamsung Sgh i450v

Mediafireᔝk800i 1mb/
k800 (600kb)

All versions in 1 site ~ MediafireᔝAll versions

M¤G¤H Rulez

Dark Engines-Super Racing |Java|

Dark Engines is a racing event that takes place in an apocalyptic future. Crazy drivers prepare old cars so they can reach incredible speeds disregarding any safety measure. Therefore, danger is always present. You must do what you can to beat your opponents on track and, at the end, you will race against mysterious Dix, the evil driver with a supercar!
MultiuploadᔝSE K800

M¤G¤H Rulez

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EA RPG Collection (By EA Mobile)[Java]

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Doom RPG Pack
N70 + N95 + N80:Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu

Orcs and Elves Pack
N70 + 6280 + W810 + K800:Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu

Orcs and Elves II Pack
N70+K500/5200+6280/Miltiscreen:Mediafire ; SpeedyShare ; Ziddu
Already posted games aren't included (Doom RPG 2; Wolfenstein RPG)!

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Prepare for battle and protect their homeland of 4 crazy dictators, conquer the globe. Each more insane than the previous one. They send wave after wave of his troops to break your defenses and raise their own flag in your territory.

language¤Multilanguage versions.
Retail by Deadkiss

mediafire128x128 k300

mediafire128x160 k500

mediafire176x220 k750/w810

mediafire240x320 k800i,w580i,k770i
Retail by *Unknown*
176x208 (Nokia N70; 3250):Mediafire ; Ziddu
240x320 (Nokia N95):
Mediafire ; Ziddu
SpeedyShare Links
More versions Soon...Stay tuned

M¤G¤H Rulez

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Doom RPG II (Id Sof. / EA Mobile) [ Java ]

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THE LEGION OF DOOM broke out AGAIN. To save humanity, you get to hell ... DOOM 2 RPG, the sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM-style, is a unique experience. Choose one of 3 characters (Major, Sergeant, science) of the plot ... with an incredible arsenal multidimensional destroy more than 40 supernatural enemies in hell brutal firefights dimensional ... your way into 9 levels loaded with adrenaline, mystery and destruction ... to the depths of 'HELL !

N70 (176x208)
N95 (240x320)
C905 (240x320)
W302 (176x220)
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