Saturday, 1 November 2008

Phil Taylor Power Darts 2009 (By Player One 2008)[Java]

Saturday, 1 November 2008 0

Phil Taylor Power Darts
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu

Sword Hero: Dragonlance Legend I (By MIG 2008)[Java]

Sword Hero: Dragonlance Legend I
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare; Ziddu
176x220 (SE):EasyShare; Ziddu
240x320 (SE K800):EasyShare; Ziddu
240x320 (SE M600):EasyShare; Ziddu

Friday, 31 October 2008

Stolen In 60 Seconds (By Herocraft 2007)[Symbian+Java]

Friday, 31 October 2008 0

Stolen In 60 Seconds [Symbian]
Symbian S60 Nokia N70:EasyShare ; Ziddu
Registration code: 44212 (may not work if it's checking the IMEI code!)

Stolen In 60 Seconds [Java]
176x220 (SE)/176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu
128x128 (Nokia 3220):EasyShare ; Ziddu
128x160 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu
208x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu
128x128 (Nokia 6230):EasyShare ; Ziddu

AMF: Bowling Deluxe 3D (By GluMobile 2008)[Java]

AMF: Bowling Deluxe 3D
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare ; ShareMobile
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu ; Mediafire

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Maplestory Archer (By Nixon 2008)[Java]

Thursday, 30 October 2008 5

Maplestory Archer
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; Ziddu

Spooks: The Mobile Game(By Gameloft 2008)[JAVA]

Spooks: The Mobile Game

Nokia 6600/N3230(176x208)

Nokia N70/N6630/N6680/N7610/N72/N91(176x208)

Nokia 6280/N73/E51/E50(240x320)

Nokia 6288/N95/N81/N82(240x320)

Nokia N80(352x416)

Nokia E71(320x240)

SE K800i K770i K790a K790i K810i S500i T650i W580i W850i W880i(240x320)

SE K500i(128x160)

SE W810/W810i/K530/K550/K610/W350i/W610/W660/W810i/Z610/Z710(176x220)

SE K300i(128x128)

SE K700/K700i/K750i/W550/W700i/W800i/Z550i/V600/V800/V630/V640i/K600/K608(176x220)

more coming.......
New bigger 176x220 SE version : EasyShare ; Ziddu

20Q™ Celebrity Quiz(By Digital Chocolate 2008)[JAVA]

20Q™ Celebrity Quiz

I can read your mind…the web sensation 20Q comes to mobile! Think of a famous person and 20Q will guess who it is! You have to play it to believe it! Bonus features include a special anagram game with over 1200 puzzles, a multiplayer game + two secret bonus features!


Based on the web phenomenon with over 60 million games played
Unlimited replay value
Multiple bonus features
An anagram game with over 1200 unique puzzles
3 hidden bonus features to unlock

Nokia N70/N6630/N6680/N7610/N72/N91/6600/N3230(176x208)

Nokia 6288/N95/N81/N82/6280/N73/E51/E50(240x320)

SE W810/W810i/K530/K550/K610/W350i/W610/W660/W810i/Z610/Z710(176x220)

SE K800i K850i K770i K790a K790i K810i S500i T650i W580i W850i W880i(240x320)

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Deal or No Deal (By EA Mobile 2008)[Java]

Tuesday, 28 October 2008 0
Everything now have bugs so no screens. Sorry.
P.S. The game is new and good! ;)
Deal or No Deal

240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare; Ziddu; Mediafire
320x230 (Nokia):EasyShare; Ziddu; Mediafire
352x416 (Nokia):EasyShare; Ziddu; Mediafire

Sunday, 26 October 2008

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