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Mekamorf (Mediaplazza 2006)

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176x208: OrbitFiles, Direct Download !
240x320: OrbitFiles

Note: Direct Download in test ... xD

FIFA 09: Brazil and Mexico Edition (By EA Mobile 2008)[Java]

FIFA 09: Brazil and Mexico Edition
Original game - not mod!
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare

Epocware Handy Alarm Pro RC Beta v.1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.[APPLICATION]

Epocware Handy Alarm Pro RC Beta v.1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.

Fixed bugs/features: 
1) New notifier UI 
2) Edit contact reminder BUG fixed 
3) View missed reminder BUG fixed 
4) Other BUGs fixed 
5) New localizations added


FlyingBird Software FlyingMoney v1.8.2 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 *******-BiNPDA[APPLICATION]

FlyingBird Software FlyingMoney v1.8.2 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 *******-BiNPDA

MS Money and Quicken Symbian phone companion. 
Flying Money Manager was designed to be convenient on your move. With FlyingMoney Manager you have on-the-go access to your accounts' balances, credit limits, all your payments, deposits and transactions histories. 

The application is available in: English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Czech, Russian languages. 

Easy to Start and Navigate Fast Transaction Enter Account's Register Views 
Start menu helps you easy navigate the application. Entering or editing transaction screen is like your usual checkbook You can view all transactions and the accounts' ending balance. 

Account Management Scheduled transactions Split of transaction 
Account view displays all your current accounts and their balances and the total balance. Add periodic incomes, expenses. Schedule weekly, monthly, yearly etc and get notification when the date become due For those transactions that cover many categories, such as a trip to Wal-Mart you may use "split transactions". 

Budgets Set up currencies Multi-currency support 
Set up unlimited number of budgets and run budget reports. Plan your incomes, expenses and savings. Export to Excel for deeper analysis Add any currency you want and set up the rate for it for re-calculating in the transactioins. Set up currencies and exchange rates. When entering multi-currency transaction program automatically re-calculate the amount. 

Customization Customized Reports Synchronization 
Add new currency with rate, income & expence categories, account types, etc to customize application. Generate and export to MS Excel any report you need. Just check the fileds you want to be included in the report and specify the conditions Export/Import of QIF files for integration with other finance software like MS Money, Quicken or bank statements 

Finance data security. Backup & Restore 
You can assign a password to keep others out of your personal finance data with Blowfish encryption. Easy back-up and restore your financial data. We recommend to backup data on weekly basis.

Devices and Platforms supported:
Applications for Symbian S60 Ver. 3 
Nokia N-series: N71, N73, N76, N77, N78, N80*, N81, N91**, N92, N93, N95, N96 
Nokia E-series: E50, E51, E60*, E61, E65, E70*, E90* 
Nokia smartphones: 6110, 6290, 3250**, 5500 Sport**, 6110, 6290, 6120 classic, 5700 Express music


Crash Car Mania (By EA Mobile 2008)[Java]

Crash Car Mania 3D

Crash Car Mania 2D
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare
176x220 (SE):EasyShare
240x320 (SE):EasyShare
128x128 (SE):EasyShare
128x160 (SE):EasyShare

Lonely Cat Games Jukebox v2.30 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Incl Keygen-TSRh[APPLICATION]

Lonely Cat Games Jukebox v2.30 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Incl Keygen-TSRh

Music player (mp3, ogg + other formats). Excellent sound quality, playlist, equalizer. Can search album image and lyrics on Internet.

- LCG Jukebox is music player for mobile devices, that is designed to suit all your music listening desires.
- It has excellent sound quality, comfortable playlist management, easy music selection, equalizer and more.
- Additionally it can find album image and song lyrics on the Internet, to enhance your listening experience.
- Simply everything to perfectly enjoy your music collection!

Main features:

* High quality stereo playback (if device supports stereo)
* Mp3 and Ogg music formats
* Fine volume control - 100 levels from silence to loudness
* Sleep timer letting you to fall asleep with your music
* 10-band equalizer with several presets
* Playlist editor - add, remove, save, load, order your songs
* Customizable colors
* Album image search on Internet
* Lyrics search and display
* Playback in normal or random order
* Mini mode displayed on phone idle screen

LCG Jukebox was designed to fulfill all needs of music fan using a mobile device. That means mainly excellent music quality with clear 

information of current playback, convenient playlist management and easy selection of desired music album.

Additionally it offers something more than that - it can search Internet for information related to your songs and albums - CD Album image, 

which can be associated with particular album and displayed every time a song of the album is played, as well as searching Internet for lyrics of 

played song and display them during playback.

Supported devices:

S60 3rd edition: Nokia E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, E90, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N81, N82, N91, N92, N93, N95, 3250, 5500, 

5700, 6110, 6120, 6290

1- Install
2- Use TSRH keygen
3- Copy the hosts file to C:\Private\10000882
4- Press yes for online authentication check

Note: The provided keygen doesn't contain any viruses or trojan horses(it's a false alarm)so please don't report that anymore.


Stoeger S60NewsReader v1.03.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned Cracked-illusion[APPLICATION]

Stoeger S60NewsReader v1.03.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Unsigned Cracked-illusion

With the application S60NewsReader it is possible to read news (newsfeeds) on your Nokia S60 device. This newsreader is the most wanted add-on application for S60Ticker.

- Scheduled newsfeed updates.

- Support for S60Ticker - news are displayed in a global ticker band on any device screen - - incl. your homescreen!

- Define a preferred internet access point.

- Individual connection timeout handling.

- Support for roaming networks.

- Preview window for full news descriptions.

- Support for opening news link in your internet browser.

- Support for RSS 0.91 upto 2.01.

- Scheduler online or offline mode.

NEW: Import and export of OPML files (type "RSS") 

S60NewsReader version 1.03.04

- Import and export of OPML files (type "RSS"). 
- Minor bugfixes and code optimisation.


Alon Software Contact Guide Pro v1.00.S60v3.Symbia nOS9.1.Cracked-BiNPDA[APPLICATION]

Alon Software Contact Guide Pro v1.00.S60v3.Symbia nOS9.1.Cracked-BiNPDA

ALON Contact Guide PRO for S60 3rd Edition is a professional contact manager with call manager included. The application offers full set of actions with contacts: dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser, quick contacts search, adding and editing contacts, categories support, customization of contacts list and many others. 
Call manager allows to manage incoming phone calls and assign different actions such as "Send busy", "Reply by SMS", "Answer immediately", "Autoresponder", "None" to call groups and to contacts. 
Please, note that if you have ALON Contact Guide for S60 3rd Edition installed at your phone you need to uninstall it before installation of ALON Contact Guide PRO for S60 3rd Edition

All actions with contacts: dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser, contacts search, adding contacts, editing, support of categories, etc. 
Quick contacts search: you may quickly find the required contact even if your contacts database contains thousands of contacts. 
The detailed contact list contains four tabs: Main, Notes, Photo and Call settings. 
Support full-screen photos and thumbnails. 
Customize personal settings: you may make your contacts database looks like you want. Application allows to change colors, font size, sort contacts by first name, last name and company. 
Customize detailed contact list: you may select the personal information to be shown. 
Managing contacts database. You may backup your contacts database, restore contacts, delete contacts, compress your database and find information about it (the quantity of contacts, number of contacts groups, used memory). 
Sending any contact/categories: you can select any contact or a category to send using SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, IR connection. 
Set preferred number: select a number for each contact which will appear at the top of detailed contact list. 
An opportunity of creating a new contact in a certain category. 
Global search: you may find the contact by any personal information: first and last names, company, job title, phone, note, e-mail, URL, etc. Just type several symbols from any word or number. 
Language independent search - the fastest way to find the contact entry. 
Main search helps to find the required contact by first/last name or by company - it uses information from the main contact list and it is the analogue of T9 search. 
Call manager gives opportunity to manage your incoming phone calls and assign different actions such as "Send busy", "Reply by SMS", "Answer immediately", "Autoresponder", "None" to call groups and to contacts. 
Tabs in the detailed contact list: personal information (which is shown entirely), notes, full-screen photo. 
Backup/restore the contacts, also you may compress you contact base to keep it small and get contact base info. 
The opportunity of reading and editing notes in the detailed contact list. 
Page/line scrolling by Joystick


Tektronic Hidden Contact v1.01 by k34ws (Retail version)[APPLICATION]

Tektronic Hidden Contact v1.01 by k34ws (Retail version)

Now you can hide you contact name,signed by k34ws

is a special phonebook application which allows you to hide and protect any contact from the phone built-in public Contacts
The software shows you the contacts list currently defined in your phone. You can hide any contact from the list. If a contact is hidden it will not anymore appear in the phone built-in public Contacts list.

A hidden/protected contact can only be visible and accessed using the Hidden Contacts application. You must enter a password to start the Hidden Contacts software and access the hidden/protected contacts. Nobody can see and use the hidden/protected contacts without to know the password.
It is is also able to automatically remove the phone call logs so that you can have confidentiality for the phone calls you have. Nobody can know what phone calls have been made or received by your phone. 
For more protection the Hidden Contacts has also extended settings like Lock Messaging application or Lock Installer. 
More, the Hidden Contacts phonebook application allows you also to call, add, remove, edit contacts or send SMS messages.

* Key features

1. Set hidden. This command will hide/protect the selected contact. If a contact is hidden it will not anymore appear in the phone built-in public Contacts list but it will remain visible in the Hidden Contacts application list. You must enter the password in order to start the Hidden Contacts and access the hidden/protected contacts. Nobody can see and use the hidden/protected contacts without to know the password.
2. Set visible. Makes the contact visible in the phone built-in Contact application (unhide).
3. Remove call logs. If enabled, automatically removes the phone call logs. You can set to automatically remove the call logs for the hidden contacts only, public only or for all contacts. This option is usefull if you need more protection so that nobody can know what phone calls you did or received on your phone. If not enabled, an unauthorized person can see the phone call logs using the built-in Logs application from the phone.
4. Lock Messaging app. If set on Yes, the phone built-in Messaging/SMS application will automatically be locked by the Hidden Contacts service. You must enter the password in order to unlock and use the phone built-in Messaging/SMS application. This can protect the SMS messages you sent or received to/from the hidden or any contacts.
5. Lock Installer. If set on Yes, the phone built-in Installer application will be locked. You must enter the password in order to unlock and use the phone?s Installer. Nobody can install or uninstall the Hidden Contacts software or any application from the phone without to know the password.
6. Change password: Allows you to change the password. The default password is 1234. The password is asked when the Hidden Contacts software is started. IMPORTANT: If you reinstall the application the password and the settings are not reset; they remain the same as the last time you set. Do not forget the password !
7. Automatically exiting after the inactivity time you set.

Note: If a contact is hidden and you make or receive phone calls, the contact''s name and the thumbnail image will not be shown by the built-in Telephony application. However, the contact''s phone number will be shown depending by your phone''s Settings. 

Please, see the user guide for more info. list.


Mobispine v2.5.37 J2ME - Free Mobile News Reader[APPLICATION]

Mobispine v2.5.37 J2ME - Free Mobile News Reader

Mobispine is a mobile media browser which gives you the news you like from your favourite sources. The amount of news and blogs being updated everyday increases all the time. Mobispine tries to help users to find what's important from the sea of information out there and gives you what you need to read it. Mobispine is intelligent enough to learn what you like and will help you keep up with your interests.

Mobispine is the cheapest way of accessing Internet-based services on your mobile. We minimize your Internet costs by using RSS-feeds, i.e. web sites with re-occurring updates.

Your friends' blogs, news and entertainment are good examples of this. On our start page you can find more feeds that may be of interest to you.

Mobispine - on your side
To reduce bandwidth, the mobispine team put lots of efforts in minimizing the amount of data sent between the client and the mobispine server by using sockets instead of HTTP.
Of course mobispine is free from ads as ad graphics use lots of bandwidth.
Also - mobispine is very easy to install and use!

Chat features
Support for photo & audio attachments, presence, contact list with auto-updates, import contacts from your phone, runs in background etc. 

Publish your blog - right where you are!
(1) From mobispine, select "New Message".
(2) Type your message. Add optional picture from your camera.
(3) Select "Send to Blog" 

Speaking your language
The mobispine client is available in English, Russian, Swedish and Italian.
Interested in translating to other languages? Contact us

Free of charge - No hidden costs - No ads
Mobispine is free to download, free to use, spam free, ad clean and spyware safe!
This is the full version - no trial or limited version.

Problem connecting?
If the client cannot connect, the reason is that you have the wrong connection settings for Java programs in your phone. 
1. Find your Java Connection Settings (Note: often not the same as the browser`s connection settings)
2. The connection should be GPRS Internet, GPRS Data or equivalent. The connection type should not be WAP or MMS, but rather HTTP.

· MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0



FPC Bench v3.0.1 J2ME

FPC Bench is a java benchmark to test and compare the performance of a phone with others phones.

FPC Bench is a java benchmark to test and compare the performance of a phone with other phones. Differently from other benchmark, FPC Bench results is not influenced from screen resolution, this is a good way to get more reliable result.

FPC Bench is a complete test tool to test performance and features.

- CPU/Memory benchmark (single threaded and multi threaded)

- GPU Graphics Benchmark

Low level, one spotlight.
Low level, two spotlights, textured.
Simple mesh, directional light.
Simple mesh, UV-Mapping, Catmull-Clark.
Perspective correction, ambient light.
Complex mesh, dynamic ligthing.
Complex mesh, multitexturing.
Particles simulation, dynamic lighting.

- NetMeter benchmark (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA speed)
- Check for total heap memory size
- Check for free heap memory size
- Check for full screen's maximum resolution in a Java canvas
- Check for double buffering
- Check for RMS size
- Check for RMS speed (external/internal memory speed)
- Check for available profile/configuration

Check for the latest APIs:
JSR 75: File System access API.
JSR 82: Bluetooth/OBEX API.
JSR 118: Mobile Information Device Profile API.
JSR 120: Wireless Messaging API (WMA 1.1).
JSR 135: Multimedia API (MMAPI)
JSR 139: Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1
JSR 172: Wev service specification.
JSR 177: Security and Truste Services API.
JSR 179: Location API.
JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics.
JSR 185: Java Tech for Wireless Industry API.
JSR 205: Wireless Messaging API (WMA 2.0).
JSR 209: Advanced graphics and user interface.
JSR 211: Content Handler API.
JSR 226: Scalable 2D vector graphics for JavaME.
JSR 229: Payment API.
JSR 234: Advanced Multimedia API.
JSR 238: Mobile internationalization API.
JSR 239: Java binding for OpenGL ES.
JSR 248: MSA Umbrella.
JSR 248: Fully featured MSA.
JSR 256: Mobile Sensor API.
JSR 257: Contactless communication API.

Check for real time 3D graphics features:

What's new in FPC Bench 3.0.1:
· Improved compatibility in 3D tests: FPC Bench now uses a workaround to improve the compatibility of the 3D tests on some buggy phones.

What's new in FPC Bench 3.0:
Added a new exciting 3D Benchmark for CPU and 3D hardware acceleration:
· Low level, one spotlight.
· Low level, two spotlights, textured.
· Simple mesh, directional light.
· Simple mesh, UV-Mapping, Catmull-Clark.
· Perspective correction, ambient light.
· Complex mesh, dynamic ligthing.
· Complex mesh, multitexturing.
· Particles simulation, dynamic lighting.

· One version for all phones: MIDP2.0 and Symbian60 versions have been dismissed. The new unified version is now able to run on both platforms.
· New User Interface: FPC Bench now uses contextual menus to improve usability.
· Added a Saved Results section: From now on every time you launch a test, FPC Bench will store your test result in the Saved Results section. Use this features to run as much tests as you can and then upload them to our database.
· Improved NetMeter accuracy: NetMeter is now able to test your GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/WIFI connection speed in kbps (kilobit) and KB/sec (kilobyte) transfer rate.
· Added a choicegroup in NetMeter: This choicegroup let you choose to select download test, upload test or both.
· Resizable splash screen: Splash screen is now automatically resized to fit your screen resolution.
· Calc removed: Dropped support for calculator.
· Better power saving management.
· Fixed a bug in the update menu: Fixed a bug that prevent some phones to check for a new version.
· 2M multi thread gauge fixed: Fixed a bug in the 2M multi thread gauge that caused concurrency issues.
· Internet is now the favourite default channel to send us results: You can send us your results directly from FPC Bench, you can choose to send it by Internet or SMS, please prefer the internet way, it's cheaper for you and easier for us.
· Info Tool menu renamed in System Info.


Mobile Social Networking Software v1.3.19 J2ME[APPLICATION]

Mobile Social Networking Software v1.3.19 J2ME

No need to use a cable or Bluetooth; Easily upload and share all your pictures and videos via GPRS, 3G or Wi-fi. Download ClickOVA and all your contacts and camera phone media will be uploaded to the internet automatically. Create Create a network of friends using your own contacts and build a mobile community. Meet people with the same interest as you and communicate with them.


Nimbuzz v0.9.6 - Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber [UpdatE 10 Oct'08][APPLICATION]

Nimbuzz v0.9.6 - Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber [UpdatE 10 Oct'08]

Nimbuzz is a FREE all-in-one solution for Internet-enabled mobile phones that allows you to take your IM buddies with you -- wherever you go. 

Nimbuzz works with all the major messengers, including: Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber and more (ICQ coming soon). 

Nimbuzz on your mobile promises you:
Free Chat, Group Chat and Chatrooms
Free Mobile VoIP calling (coming soon!)
Free File, Photo and Ringtone sharing
Free Voice Messaging
Free Text Messaging (within Nimbuzz)
Free Phonebook Backup and Restore
Free "Buzz" notifications (to get your buddies online!)
Local-cost Mobile Calling worldwide
No phone credits to purchase
No credit cards required


Friday, 10 October 2008

3D Timeshock Pro Pinball (By Lemon Quest 2008)[Java]

Friday, 10 October 2008 0

3D Timeshock Pro Pinball
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare

Hangman 1001: Fashion Edition (By Digital Chocolate 2008)[Java]

Hangman 1001: Fashion Edition
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare

Eagle Eye (By Hands -On Mobile 2008)[Java]

Eagle Eye
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare
176x220 (SE):EasyShare
240x320 (SE):EasyShare
128x128 (SE):EasyShare
128x160 (SE):EasyShare

Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich (By MInternet 2008)[Java]

Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare
240x320 (Nokia):SendSpace

Predator - The Duel (By IGFun 2008)[Java]

Predator - The Duel
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare

Mr. Mahjong 3 (By FDG Mobile 2008)[Java]

Mr. Mahjong 3
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare

California Games X (By EA Mobile 2008)[Java]

California Games X
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare
176x220 (SE):EasyShare
240x320 (SE):EasyShare

SymbianGuru.AutoThemes.v1.3.0.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.U nsigned.Cracked-illusion[APPLICATION]

SymbianGuru.AutoThemes.v1.3.0.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.U nsigned.Cracked-illusion

Bored with your mobile theme? Get AutoThemes scheduler!
AutoThemes application for Series 60.3 is a cute theme scheduler for your Nokia Smartphone. AutoThemes will change themes for you automatically, according to the active profile or at the exact time chosen.

Personalization with Theme Changer

AutoThemes will add totally new experience to your mobile usage. Now you can express your personality or your mood with your mobile using automatic theme changer.

There is no limit to mobile personalization with themes changer. Black theme at daytime and white theme at night? Or sexy red theme in the evening?… Dull grey theme on Monday and joyful blue sea theme on Friday? And a peaceful green theme during silent profile, of course!

This all is possible now with AutoThemes, with NO ACTION from your side.

A sample rules list could look like this:

Monday, 9:00 - grey theme (the week have begun)
On Meeting profile - black theme (let my partner see my cool mobile)
Monday to Friday, 13:00 - lunch theme (it is time to eat)
Monday to Thursday, 18:00 - freestyle theme (it is time to rest!)
Tuesday and Saturday, 19:00 - sport theme (going to gym)
Friday, 17:00 - weekend theme
Daily, 22:00 - sexy theme 
On Silent profile - calm green theme
Now your mobile will always be adjusted to your lifestyle.

AutoThemes in Use: Rules for Themes Change

AutoThemes performs automatic themes change on your Series 60 v3 Symbian smart phone. Themes change is made using your own rules, which you have to create.

AutoThemes allows creating two types of rules: time based rule and profile based ones. Nokia theme can be changed at exact time, or can be changed when certain profile is activated.

Theme changer rules are totally adjustable, with ability to activate or deactivate the rule with one key pressing, edit time or condition of theme change.

You have to select the frequency of theme changing if you choose time based condition:

Once - one time changing;

Daily or weekdays - theme will change daily or on the defined weekdays;

Monthly - theme change on the exact day of every month.

You have to choose the profile when the theme will be changed, if you create a profile based rule.

In order to avoid overlapping of rules the priority of rules has been set. All the rules are listed on your main application screen and sorted by theme name.

Key Features:

Two types of rules for theme change: profile based and time based
Theme change performed smoothly and silently, without mobile reboot
Easy to use and friendly interface, easy rule creation
Quick rule deactivation with only one key pressing

Multilanguage support

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian

New in version 1.3.:

More compatible devices Series 60.3 FP2: Nokia N96, Nokia N78
Fixed small errors, as well as registration behaviour error.

Compatible with Other, Nokia 5500, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95, Nokia 3250, Nokia N Series, Nokia E Series, Nokia E65, Nokia N76, Nokia E61i, Nokia N73 Music Edition, Nokia N77, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia 6120 Classic, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia 6110 Navigator, LG KS 10, Nokia E51, Nokia N81, Nokia 6121, Nokia N82, Nokia N93i, Nokia 6290, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N91 8 GB, Nokia N96, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6220 Classic, Nokia N78, Nokia N79, Nokia N85, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia 6650, Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia 6124


TiVi SIP Phone v2.0.4 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x - Easy Calling All Over the World[APPLICATION]

TiVi SIP Phone v2.0.4 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x - Easy Calling All Over the World

What is TiVi Phone?
TiVi Phone is a free software product that enables to make and receive VoIP calls, real time video calls, and also provides a chat function. More over - the communication between Tivians is for free, but dynamical use of 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth networks lowers the costs on the all of your mobile communication.

Register Here:


Electricast Direct Text V1.10 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Retail[APPLICATION]

Electricast Direct Text V1.10 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Retail


CellSpin v1.4.0 S60v3 *updated*[APPLICATION]

CellSpin v1.4.0 S60v3 *updated*

CellSpin lets users create content (video, audio, photos and text) on their mobile phone or via the CellSpin Web site, and then post it to their favorite social networks and content-sharing Web sites using an intuitive, single-click interface. CellSpin currently supports sharing media with Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Live Journal, Live Spaces and eBay, with more to come. CellSpin is the first and only application enabling smartphone users to create and post audio and videos to their eBay auctions.

On their smartphone, users select which of four media types they wish to create from a simple on-screen interface. Then with one click, users upload their content to their favorite social networks and content-sharing Web sites, to share candid life moments with family and friends anywhere in the world.

According to Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conferences and highly regarded industry commentator, "CellSpin is incredibly simple and intuitive, creating a seamless pathway from the mobile phone to an array of content sites. Audio, video, pictures or text can be captured and posted to eBay, Flickr, or a blog in just a few clicks. CellSpin opens up new horizons for creating communities for users of all ages in the Mobile 2.0 environment."

Register here:


blinko v2.2.3 J2ME[APPLICATION]

blinko v2.2.3 J2ME

Stay tuned to people you care about in real time!
blinko is an appealing easy to use ALL-IN-ONE application for mobile phones, focusing on what is most important to you: chatting 4 FREE with your friends anytime and everywhere you go! 

Thus, you enjoy full freedom of instant mobile communication – no need to have access to Internet/PC & no need to worry in which community your friends are! 
It takes only a few minutes before you can chat with your friends: 

Download & install the application (Java, MIDP 2.0 phones) on your phone

Create your account – mobile number, your name and password is enough to get started (in case of connection problems please check your GPRS settings)

Add all your friends (directly from your phone book if supported by your phone) to your friends list or activate your existing MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM or GTalk account and your contacts are immediately imported to your friends list

Enjoy a number of appealing services & convenient features directly on your mobile: 
Send instant messages at lightning speed
MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM & GTalk on the go
Phone book import
Minimal data & battery consumption (4 messages for 1 kB)
Take and send photos (free)
Group chats
Easy to add & invite new friends
Fun status & Emoticons
WAP connectivity
Reinvite pending contacts
Free Entertainment services (Quiz, jokes, …)
SMS Wake up if you want to chat with friends who are offline
Friends groups to structure your friends list
Local storage of your friends list to save data and money
Free to download & use

blinko is available in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Dutch 

Blinko was formerly named bing. Useraccounts can be used on both platforms.



dSAFE v0.1.37 J2ME

This is a tool specifically designed to provide a safe and reliable way to store sensitive information on mobile phones. If your device supports Bluetooth technology you be able to perform backup of your data into a personal computer. Now it is possible to remember passwords without having the need to annotate them on paper, credit card numbers and all sorts of information necessary for day-to-day and you never are within reach when so requested. *** IMPORTANT ***
This free version have some limitations, like:
- Max. of 50 data records;
- No backup/restore support;
- No password generation. 
To registry a full version access Mixar Inform.


demoFONE v1.03.287 beta (Demo your Mobile Phone on the Web in Real-time)[APPLICATION]

demoFONE v1.03.287 beta (Demo your Mobile Phone on the Web in Real-time) starts the beta service for live screencasting of Symbian S60 based mobile phones on the web. is a web service for viewing and presenting mobile applications directly from a smartphone to a web audience via live web casting.

With you can “beam” the screen of any S60 3rd Edition based mobile phone to the web - in real-time!

The service is currently running as a public beta and will see a lot of new features added during the next weeks. A pro version of is planned for Q4/2008.

For viewing a live mobile screencast a Flash 9 enabled web browser is required. has been tested with Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Mozilla Firefox 3, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

Installation Instruction


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shrek 2: The Adventure of Puss in Boots (Eurofun)[Java]

Thursday, 9 October 2008 0

176x220: OrbitFiles

Brave Heart (By Artificial Life 2008)[Java]

Brave Heart
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare

English Mobile Dictionary v3.0 Unsigned (With Sound)[APPLICATION]

English Mobile Dictionary v3.0 Unsigned (With Sound)

Here come English-English dictionary include sound run by symbian which has lots of words and affluent proverbs with easy explanation. Also, sentence extra with explanation; for example, what are doing with..? These kind also has sound..U also can change font small or big. 

The special things from this newest dictionary program is allow you to download 10 languages more via wireless connection or phone connection and can pronounce words... I hope that you will find this dictionary is useful for your work and study..


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