Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hulkamania Wrestling (By Gameloft 2008)[Java]

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Hulkamania Wrestling
240x320 (Nokia s60v3):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
176x220 (SE W810i):
Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (SE K800):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (SE W850i):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
128x128 (SE K300):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
128x160 (SE W300i):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (Nokia N95):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (Nokia N75):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (Nokia 5300):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
128x160 (Nokia 6101):Coming soon

Blazar (By Elements Interactive 200*)[Symbian]

Download DEMO from HERE!
Register to FULL VERSION with THIS!

Moto GP 08 (By I-Play 2008)[Java]

Moto GP 08
176x220 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
176x208 (Nokia):
Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (Nokia s60v3): Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML

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1vs100 Chinese Edition (By Unknown 2008)[Java]

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176x220 (SE W810i):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
176x208 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (SE K800):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (SE W950):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (Nokia s60v3):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
240x320 (Nokia s40v3):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
208x208 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
128x160 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML
128x128 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML

Action Stick (By ZiqX 200*)[Java]

Action Stick
Language:English; Portuguese
240x320 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать ; SML (ShareMobileLink)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Elemental Mage (By Dawnatic Game 200*)[Java]

Tuesday, 5 August 2008 0

Elemental Mage
176x208 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x220 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать

The game is bought by AgA!!!

Surf the Tube (By Unknown 200*)[Java]

Surf the Tube
176x208 (Nokia)

Jupiter Lander (By Eidos Mobile 2008)[Java]

Jupiter Lander

176x208 :Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 :

Fire Worm (By Game Mobile 200*)[Java]

Fire Worm

176x208/176x220 :Свали/Download/Скачать

Sleep Walker (By Play2me 200*)[Java]

Sleep Walker
176x208/176x220 : Свали/Download/Скачать

After loading the game will show you black screen - just push ''5'' and you will start the game normally .

Monday, 4 August 2008

Battle Legends 1100 (By PalmSoft 200*)[Java]

Monday, 4 August 2008 0

Battle Legends 1100
128x160 (Motorola):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x204 (Motorola):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Motorola):Свали/Download/Скачать

Little Shop Of Treasures (By Real Arcade 2008)[Java]

Little Shop Of Treasures
240x320 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (SE M600, UIQ 3):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x220 (SE K610):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x220 (SE K750):Свали/Download/Скачать
128x160 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
128x128 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
352x416 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать
320x240 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Nokia s40v3):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Nokia s60v3):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x208 (Nokia s60v2):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Samsung):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (LG):Свали/Download/Скачать
128x160 (Siemens):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x204 (Motorola):Свали/Download/Скачать

Bull Run Fever (By Digital Chocolate 2008)[Java]

Bull Run Fever

176x208 (Nokia):Свали/Download/Скачать
176x220 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать

Crazy Spot (By U Mobile 200*)[Symbian]

Crazy Spot
240x320 (Nokia s60v3):Свали/Download/Скачать

Register with:
Code: 00267

Quake 2 (By Unknown ****)[Symbian]

Quake 2
1. Get hold of suitable datafile (original cd or shareware/demo) [Link for this is below]

1.1 If you have n95-1, update the firmware to atleast 2.x.x otherwise it does not have enough memory.

2. Install P.I.P.S and the QuakeII engine
[Links for these are below]. If the phone complains something about the certificate, check your settings in application manager. It should be configured to allow installation of all sis files.
3. Install datafiles (using for example the usb-mass storage mode).

3.1 Create "quake2" folder in the root folder of your memory card.

3.2 Inside "quake2" folder, create another folder "baseq2"

3.3 Now copy the pak file(s), video folder and players directory from the original cd (that from to "baseq2" folder. If you have only the shareware file, put it to "baseq2" folder. NOTE: with shareware .pak, the screen will stay black for about 30 secs

4. (Optional) - Install audio tracks

4.1 Create "cdaudio" folder in "quake2" folder
4.2 Copy exactly 10 audio tracks (mp3) to cdaudio folder and name them 1.mp3 through
10.mp3. If you don't have all the tracks correctly named there, cdaudio wont't play
5. Command line parameters can be set through "cmdline.q2" file which should be placed to "quake2" folder. The file should be saved as ASCII, and only the 1024 first characters of the first line are read.

Generally, mods that should work. However, mods that require a separate game dll do not. Same applied to multiplayer games. The engine installation package contains ported versions of vanilla ctf, xatrix and rogue, so the official mission packs and ctf do work correctly. The installation procedure for mods is similar to the base package, but instead of putting files into "baseq2" you should put the into "modname" directory under "quake2". To start lets say xatrix, put "+set game xatrix" (without quotes) to "cmdline.q2" command line file. Needless to say, you need the datafiles for the mod to be present aswell.

Also, the opengl video driver behaves slightly differently with brightness settings. As it has coloured lighting, you need to use console/autoexec.cfg to change the "brighness".
Example(in the console):
intensity 1.6 (the intensity of bright colors, higher numbers means more) gl_modulate 1.4 (lower settings makes all shadows darker) vid_restart.

If anything goes wrong, you could try to look for "q2_log.txt" in the "quake2" folder in order to see what went wrong.

Game Files:
Soundtracks (
drop the mp3 in the quake2 folder called cdaudio): Свали/Download/Скачать

For all of you that get a white screen when starting up (dutch language in phone), you will have to change the language to english.

Due 2 issues with the PIPS file.

240x320 (Nokia 9.1/9.2):


Quake 2 v1.01:Свали/Download/Скачать

Ronaldinho Gaucho: Street Soccer 2007 (By Lemon Quest 2007)[Java]

Ronaldinho Gaucho: Street Soccer 2007
128x128 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
128x160 (SE):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Nokia s40v3):Свали/Download/Скачать
128x160 (Nokia s40v2):Свали/Download/Скачать
240x320 (Nokia s60v3):Свали/Download/Скачать

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bupuppies Puzzle (By KitMaker 2008)[Java]

Sunday, 3 August 2008 0

Bupuppies Puzzle
240x320 (Nokia s60v3):Свали/Download/Скачать
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